Penimaster Pro Review and Results: A Comprehensive Guide to This Pro Extender System for Penis Enlargement

The Penimaster Pro is rapidly gaining popularity among men who are looking for ways to increase penis size and improve erectile function. This penimaster pro review aims to provide comprehensive information on how this penis extender works and what you can expect after months of use.

What Comes in the Complete Set Penimaster PRO review


  1. Pro Basic – The core component of the extender system
  2. Pro Rod and Rod Expander – Extensions to elongate the device
  3. Glans Chamber and Diaphragm – To secure the head of the penis
  4. Pro Belt and Belt Expander – For more comfort and adjustability
  5. Pump Ball – To facilitate better suction
  6. Split Adapter – For enhanced usability
  7. Sluice – To help secure the glans
  8. Latex accessories – Additional comfort elements
  9. Traction equipment – To exert the necessary pulling force


  1. Foreskin adjustments – For men with or without foreskin
  2. MSP Concept – A specialized technology for optimizing results

How to Use Penimaster Pro belt expander

  1. Prepare the Pro Basic and rod extender parts.
  2. Insert the head of the penis into the glans chamber and secure it with the diaphragm.
  3. Use the pump ball to create suction.
  4. Adjust the rod expander or pro belt expander to apply the desired pulling force.
  5. Secure the device using Penimaster Pro Belt for optimal comfort.

Where to Find Reviews and Comparisons Penimaster chrome

  • Online forums and review sites specifically focusing on penis extenders.
  • Professional blogs with in-depth Penimaster Pro review articles.

Performance Metrics and Expectations: Penimaster pro results

  • Traction System: Provides a controlled amount of force to lengthen and straighten the penile tissue.
  • Flaccid and Erect Size: Users report an increase in both flaccid and erect penis size.
  • Erectile Function: Improvements in sexual stamina and help with premature ejaculation.
  • User Comfort: The Penimaster Pro’s complete set offers a variety of components to ensure comfort during prolonged use.

Pros and Cons


  1. Versatility: Can be used as both a rod extender and a belt expander.
  2. Comfort: The glans chamber and pro belt are designed for extended use without discomfort.
  3. Effectiveness: Users generally experience increased size and better sexual performance after months of use.


  1. Cost: The device is on the expensive side when compared to other extenders.
  2. Complexity: The complete set has multiple parts which can be confusing initially.

The test, possible successes and purchase advice for the Penimaster Pro

The manufacturer of the Penimaster Pro promises an increase in potency and sexual health and of course it should be possible to improve the size and thickness of his penis. on our site you are already introduced to the product of Phallosan Forte as well as Bathmate, which should have the same characteristics. time-consuming training to be able to enlarge well.

Here in the test you will learn how useful the purchase of the Penimaster Pro is compared to the other variants. short- and long-term This way, after reading the text, you should be able to decide directly whether the Penimaster Pro is worthwhile for you or not.

What exactly is the Penimaster Pro?

If you have never dealt with the subject of penis expanders before, you will certainly not be able to do so much with the product. continuous stretching This works by allowing the penis to stretch out through the stretching process. cell growth According to the manufacturer, this ensures that the penis not only becomes larger but also thicker over time, and that the penis can also be straightened if it is bent (as in Peyronie’s disease).

Penis enlargement and thickeningStraightening of the male limb Prevention of premature ejaculation

In addition to the obvious changes in the penis, the stimulus should accordingly also have an effect on the sexual drive of the man’s body. improved erectility is certainly one of the most important points promised by the manufacturer, but problems can also be prevented, such as the premature ejaculation. In summary, the Penimaster Pro as a system should fulfill the following five aspects:

  • Straightening of the male limb
  • Improvement of erection hardness
  • Enlargement especially of the glans

If you want to improve one or more of these areas, it is certainly worth thinking about purchasing Penimaster Pro.

For which users is the training with the Penimaster Pro worthwhile??

It is up to each man to decide whether or not his penis size is sufficient for him, but it is often the case that the best part of the man’s penis is absolutely in line with the standard of the respective country but does not satisfy the respective gentleman or that those affected by a small penis are completely satisfied with it and do not want to enlarge it. perfectly normal and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

It is not uncommon that men who have a penis that is too small do not feel perfect, so that physical problems But also in general the quality of life Accordingly, it can be stated that the Penimaster Pro, similar to Phallosan Forte, is suitable for any man who wants to change the size of his limb, and experience shows that even small changes can bring about a significant improvement in the quality of life and physical condition.

It is also useful for men who have no problem with the size of their limbs but suffer from erectile dysfunction or a crooked penis, in which case too the quality of life can be significantly improved, a particularly important point here being that the use of Penimaster Pro is of course very important, especially for the respective user, but a partner can also benefit from the application if, for example, the man then again suffers from erectile dysfunction or a crooked penis. sexier or has a larger penis.

How the expander system works

The technique of magnification by permanent stretching is not a modern invention; hundreds or even thousands of years ago. indigenous people Peoples from Africa can be cited as an example, who have been helped by Wooden plates The principle is also known to many young ladies and gentlemen who have an ear hole pierced and then stretch it through ever larger inserts. Enlargement through permanent stretching works in every case.

In order to transfer this functional principle to the penis, it is important that the system is as comfortable as possible so that it can be worn throughout the day, that a sufficiently strong tension is achieved that ensures good growth but does not cause pain to the wearer, and that the product can be applied quickly and can also be put down to the penis. daily life Finally, it is very important that the system can be used discreetly, which means that the expander must not be visible under clothing.

After a first look at the Penimaster Pro and the test of it, it can be said that the above-mentioned functions are fulfilled, and there is another aspect, namely high-quality workmanship.Made in Germany.

A good quality and first-class execution can be expected. 30 seconds Finally, the Penimaster Pro offers the possibility to adjust its size to every penis, so that the system can be used by every man.

First overview of possible results with the Penimaster Pro

The most important question, which should have come to your mind first, is: How many centimeters can I move my penis through the Penimaster Pro magnify? Equally important, however, are questions about the possible life It is also important to note with these four questions that no uniform answer can be given for every man, because each user is different, so that even the first results can be expected at the same time. Differentiate results be capable of.

However, based on the results of the test, the experience of customers and experts, as well as studies, it can be concluded that the use of the expander will in any case have positive results and the manufacturer will provide the following information on the effect of the product.

Even after the use of 30 minutes, The first enlargement of the penis and the glans can be noticed, but this is only temporary and therefore does not last permanently. 30 days penis enlargement can be expected, which should last for several days, increase erectile function, optimize libido, and after several months of use, it is almost guaranteed that lasting results can be achieved, including lengthening, thickening and straightening of the penis.

As a rule, it can be assumed that the results and changes that occur after a period of application of 1 to 3 months As expected, the fastest results can be achieved in the first half of the year. more time claim to achieve equivalent results.

The description of training with the expander system

Before using the Penimaster Pro, it is of course important to determine how long it can be worn in one piece and the manufacturer states that a maximum wearing time of 3 hours should not be exceeded. 3 hours a break of 30 minutes In order to achieve a good result, the system should distinguish between 8 and 12 hours per day as is the case with Phallosan Forte, which can be used both during the day and at night while sleeping.

When using it, the so-called “Acorn Chamber”. This is linked to the „adhesion membrane“ The shape of the glans chamber reminds of an egg, the size of the glans is chosen so that there is enough space for each man, and it is important to mention that different adapters can be used to adapt the structure to different penis sizes, so that the glans chamber together with the lock and the lock ring can be pulled over the penis.

The pump ball or hose application system

To prevent the penis from slipping out of the glans chamber during use, there are two ways to prevent a negative pressure In this way, the penis is held in a gentle way, without, for example, damaging the sensitive penis. penile frenulum To hurt. First of all. Pump ball mooring system A pump ball, which is connected to the valve located directly on the glans chamber, is used to remove the air from the chamber by pumping the pump ball, which quickly builds up negative pressure and keeps the penis in position.

On the other hand, a tube can be placed on the valve, from which air can be drawn in as if from a straw, and in both cases the penis (with the foreskin retracted) is gently pressed into the membrane and the sluice ring as soon as a vacuum is created. machine-aided Which of the two mooring systems you like best, each man has to decide for himself.

The belt or bar expander system

Once the glans chamber has been correctly placed on the penis, there are again two methods available from the manufacturer, first of all the belt tension generator, which means that a belt is connected to the glans chamber. mounting The belt must then be placed around the man’s hip, shoulder or knee and adjusted so that the penis is pulled sufficiently. 200 grams up to 1.1 kilograms The tensile force is controlled by shortening or extending the belt.

The rods use a two-bar construction to draw the penis to the desired length. base ring, The rods can then be connected to the chamber to provide the desired tension. rod segments of different lengths During the workout, longer segments have to be used over and over again, of course, as the penis also becomes larger.

Is the belt or bar expander system better to evaluate??

There is an important reason why the manufacturer of the Penimaster Pro offers both variants, especially the fact that both systems complement each other perfectly. instances, In some situations, however, the use of the bars is also more suitable, as the belt is usually quite discreet, whereas the bars are a natural way to wear the belt. Position during training Particularly important when comparing the two variants are the following aspects, which must always be considered:

  • wearing comfort
  • discretion
  • tractive force
  • manipulation

The variants hardly differ in terms of wearing comfort, and experience has shown that the bar system is somewhat different. more importunate, but still very cushy The belt, on the other hand, is clearly more discreet. top or bottom folded In any case, in the area of tensile strength, the test with the bar showed that a higher force Finally, it should be mentioned that the belt is put on more quickly during handling, but the rods can also be attached with a little help from the manufacturer. practise can be quickly brought into position.

The men, on the other hand, have to decide for themselves which of the two methods makes the most sense in the current situation. test, in order to be able to compare them sensibly.

The scope of delivery and spare parts for the Penimaster Pro

All parts necessary for the use of this penis expander are delivered in one package. discreet suitcases The case, in turn, is delivered in a simple white cardboard Included in this case are first of all the already mentioned carrying systems like the acorn chamber, the two different mooring systems and the belt or bar expander.

First of all there is a set of spare membranes and sluices available in different sizes, plus instructions to read before use, but if you don’t want to read, you can also download the included DVD in which also all points are clarified again exactly.

Finally, it also contains care and comfort products that simplify the use of the Penimaster Pro, for example, a small amount of the “Comfort & Care”Care oil can be applied to the penis, which optimizes the hold in the glans chamber. maintenance oil for the product itself, so that individual parts such as the pump ball, the glans chamber or the latex membranes last as long as possible. lissomely All products mentioned can also be easily reordered from the manufacturer via the shop if this is necessary.

The possible successes of the Penimaster Pro in our practical test

For our test it should be mentioned that the Penimaster Pro was worn for a total of four weeks, using both the belt and the pole system, most often the expander was worn with the hip belt and the wearing time per day was minimum 6 and maximum 8 hours. In addition, the wearing times were varied, as in the morning. over the day or during the night.

The Penimaster Pro had to be worn for just three hours for this first success, and an important point in its use was that regular wearing had a very significant effect on the sexuality of our tester. 2 weeks already clearly harder and bigger.

After the end of the training after 30 days changes could be measured in both the size and thickness of the penis, so that in the flaccid state the penis was kept up to 0,5 cm However, the thickness was increased by 0.3 cm These are of course only centimetres from our test, for other men the results in four weeks can be correspondingly better, but also worse. 3 months tenable.

The successes of users in forums and from studies

Just as important as our test are the results of other users who have used the Penimaster Pro for a longer period of time, first of all, men’s experience reports that can be easily found over the Internet. 1 centimetre in 6 months In the upper area, however, there are reports of penis enlargement of 4 to 5 centimetres The increase seems to be particularly good when the penis expander is used while sleeping, so a realistic growth of 3 to 6 centimetres very possible.

Similar to Phallosan Forte, tests were also completed under laboratory conditions, where the effect of the expander on the penis was measured at over 20 subjects These were men of different ages, with different physical conditions and with a different penis size, and care was taken to ensure that the Penimaster Pro was worn daily for at least 3 hours.

The results of the studies were the same as those already confirmed in our test and by the experiences of the other users, so that the penis was definitely bigger and thicker. 3 to 6 centimetres in half a year. The study also found that the size of the glans also changed positively and that the negative pressure in the glans chamber can lead to an increase of 1 to 3 centimetres be expected.

The results of the test, customer experiences and studies

In almost all cases it can be stated that the Penimaster Pro, when used correctly, will make the penis bigger and thicker. state clearly, that these are not guaranteed successes. Every man reacts differently to the stretching of his best piece, If you are lucky, you will reach your goal correspondingly fast, whereas other gentlemen will have to use the expander for a longer time.

The purchase of the Penimaster Pro

You can choose between purchasing via a chemist’s as well as via the Shop from the manufacturer. It is up to you where you want to buy the product, but it can be said that visiting pharmacies is usually more time-consuming because the penis expander may not always be available in stock and therefore needs to be reordered, so it is necessary for you to visit the pharmacy twice, as the expander is sold in pharmacies under the product name PZN 9380317, 9380323 or 9380300.

Furthermore, it should be mentioned that it can be embarrassing for many users to talk about their problem with an employee in the pharmacy, so it is better to order the complete set from the manufacturer’s shop. private sphere and the purchase can be completed completely comfortably from home, but you do not have to do without expert advice when purchasing via the web:

  • product specifications
  • Photos of the complete set
  • Consultations by e-mail
  • Information on costs
  • Shipping Information

It is also important to note that the manufacturer’s costs are usually better than those of the specialty stores; how much can be saved depends on the current price, but even with delivery costs you are even cheaper in the shop. special deals be offered at an even better price.

No matter what type of purchase you choose, there are three options to choose from: firstly you can only buy the Penimaster Pro together with the belt or just with the bar expander, but also the complete set is offered. discreet delivery Particularly important here is the use of a neutral package, so no one will know you bought a penis expander.

Conclusion – Is the Penimaster Pro worth its money?

Both in our own test, as well as in the experience of other users with penis enlargement, it can be stated that the use of the expander is definitely worthwhile and all men who suffer from a penis that is too small should consider using the expander. warp limb or their potency can benefit from the training.

In addition to the success, it can also be said positively that the application of the product more than simple-minded is and facile can be met. Even the wearing comfort Furthermore, it should not be neglected that the Penimaster Pro is easy to buy from the manufacturer through the shop, where there are even three versions so that every customer can choose the right variant.

In conclusion, it can be stated that the purchase of the penis expander is worthwhile in any case for all men who have something to do with their penis. penis size and are ready to wear the Penimaster Pro daily for several months.


Is the Penimaster Pro really suitable for every man?

Due to the possibility to adjust the individual parts of the set to the size of the male penis, the expander can basically be used by any man, except for users who have a Micro Penis In such a case, the affected persons should first of all be extensively informed by an seek professional advice, before buying the Penimaster Pro.

It is advisable to consult the pharmacy, as it is easier to clarify all the questions. doctor of his confidence or contact a specialist.

Can the Penimaster Pro be used after penile surgery?

The expander does indeed come very often after operations However, it is to be expected that the combination of Penimaster Pro and surgery will be very successful and those interested should also seek the advice of a specialist in this area.

Is it worth buying a used Penimaster Pro?

Expanders are often offered over the Internet and can be bought used. eBay’s contact point can be named as an example. eBay offers are quite cheap, but there are several reasons why the products should not be bought used. sanitation. Even if the expander is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, it was normally used for several months by another gentleman, so hygiene can never be guaranteed 100 percent.

Furthermore it should be mentioned that with the used products it can happen again and again that important parts of the set are missing or damaged Although these can be reordered from the manufacturer, in this case, however, savings are no longer to be expected. plagiarisms. These should not be used under any circumstances, as there is a high risk of injury.

Can the training be paused by the expander?

There are always situations where the Penismaster cannot be worn permanently, for example during a beach holiday with friends, in which case it is no problem to interrupt the use of the Penimaster Pro. at any time In this case it is important to know that the already existing achieve success naturally exist last.

Can the Penimaster Pro be used at any age?

The age of the man is not the decisive factor in determining whether the Penimaster Pro works, but it should be noted that it can take a little longer to achieve the desired training results, because the cell growth of the body works correspondingly slower with age. a little more time In older men, it should also be noted that in this case the body can be overexerted more quickly. low-key turn.

Finally, it should be mentioned that men of older age are under disorders or ailments In such cases, the use of Penimaster Pro should be discontinued until the condition has been cured; otherwise, however, the elderly men can expect good experiences which indicate that the use of this product is worthwhile in any case.

User reviews

Yes, the Penimaster Pro works, I always use it at night, because it can’t be worn during the day. I give it up in the evening and down again early in the morning, and it has already grown.

Ali Gungor

Wanted to try Penimaster Pro out, I’ve only been doing it for 1 week, but I do what I want to do. Pain are not really there and with technique has mans in 1 min. Already on it. Can one well adjust. Until then 5 stars from me.

Micha Berg

I think the Penimaster Pro is good. If you put it on correctly nothing slips out and you hardly notice it. I use it at least two hours a day. Therefore five stars.

Robert Muller

When it comes to methods of penis enlargement, the Penimaster Pro stands out as a comprehensive solution. Offering various systems and components, including the Penimaster Pro Basic System, the Penimaster Pro Complete Set, and the Penimaster Chrome, this extender device claims to provide positive results. In this review, I will delve into the key features, benefits, and possible outcomes of using the Penimaster Pro.

Penimaster Pro Basic System

The Penimaster Pro Basic System is a renowned penis extender designed by the company MSP Concept GmbH. It aims to stretch the penis gradually over time, promoting potential gains in length. The device functions through a vacuum pump mechanism, creating a vacuum that helps elongate the penis. This system is considered one of the most effective methods of penis enlargement, with claims of visible improvements in both length and girth.

Using the Device

Wearing the Penimaster Pro is relatively straightforward. The device consists of components like the belt extender, sluice ring, and latex membrane. Following the user manual or video instructions, users attach the device, wear the belt around the waist, and secure the penis with the extender. The vacuum pump feature helps stretch the penis gently and consistently, aiming for better results over time.

Benefits and Results

According to the manufacturer, the Penimaster Pro offers better results compared to classic penis extenders. The extender system can be worn discreetly under clothing, allowing users to incorporate it into their daily routines. Many users have reported positive results after months of consistent use, claiming both increased penis length and an improvement in the quality of their erections.

Clinical Study and Possible Outcomes

The Penimaster Pro’s claims are backed by a clinical study indicating its effectiveness in promoting penis elongation. However, individual results can vary based on factors such as genetics, dedication to usage, and starting size. While some users have experienced faster results, it’s important to note that patience and commitment are key to achieving potential gains.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Penimaster Pro really work?

The Penimaster Pro has shown positive outcomes for many users, as supported by the clinical study. However, individual results can differ.

2. How long should I wear the device daily?

The recommended usage time is typically several hours a day. Consistency in wearing the device is more important than prolonged sessions.

3. Can the Penimaster Pro help with Peyronie’s disease?

While the device may assist in gently stretching the penis, consulting a healthcare professional for Peyronie’s disease is advisable.

4. Is the Penimaster Pro comfortable to wear?

With adjustable components and a design meant for prolonged use, many users find the Penimaster Pro relatively comfortable.

The Penimaster Pro offers a comprehensive approach to penis enlargement through its vacuum-based extender system. While individual results can vary, the device’s clinical study and positive user experiences suggest its potential effectiveness. Consistency, patience, and following the instructions are crucial to achieving the desired outcomes. As with any method of penis enlargement, consulting a healthcare provider is recommended before starting this or any other device.