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What is Lubricant?

lubricant, which is often also called lubricant or lube or is offered, is a viscid fluid, those of the friction reduction Accordingly, the aim is to reduce friction during sexual intercourse or the use of sex toys, with the following products to choose from mineral water- or silicon basis. The best lube for masturbation will provide you with maximum pleasure and protect your skin from rashes or unwanted friction.

These agents are used for different areas of application and lubricants with different properties are also used, so that the gel can, for example, warms or chilling Sex life can be significantly enhanced with lubricants.

Pleasant smellGood friction reduction High skin tolerance

Which is the best in 2021?

Above all the range of durex I would particularly like to recommend the “Naturals Lubricant” and the “Play Sparkling” lube. They are among the best ones both for sexual intercourse and masturbation.

These two products are suitable for a wide range of applications and provide a pleasant skin sensation In addition, these goods are harmless to health and can be used with or without condoms.

What does the Durex lube for masturbation offer?

For some time now, the company has been manufacturing products for sexual pleasure, which means that customers can always be sure of a high-quality product. high quality.

The goods are characterized above all by the following properties:

  • Long durability
  • Easy to use
  • High skin tolerance
  • Pleasant smell
  • Good friction reduction

Accordingly, customers who choose the goods of the mentioned brand certainly do nothing wrong. New goods which have even better characteristics to offer. The best lube for masturbation is always in high demand and its manufacturer will do his best to improve it.

What is it used for?

As already mentioned, it is mainly intended for better “flushing” during sexual intercourse. Drought in the vagina is completely eliminated so that the woman feels comfortable and relaxed in the process of sexual intercourse. But it is also handy for anal sex, making the penetration more pleasant for both partners. The penetration of sex toys becomes more pleasant as well.

Likewise, the application of the product as a kind of Massage Oil The last thing to mention is that some goods can also be used to improve the quality of the skin. Chances of pregnancy can be used.

The best lube can be helpful for couples who want to have children

In this case, the “Ritex Wish for a Child Medium” First of all, vaginal dryness is prevented so that women can have sexual intercourse at any time, even under stress, when taking medication or other factors, and more coitus increases the chance of conception.

Sperm important properties to be named here:

  • motility
  • vigor
  • morphology
  • DNA integrity

Anyone who has ever tried to get pregnant knows exactly how strenuous it can get with time to have sexual intercourse again and again. Fun back in the bedroom and making kids don’t feel like “Work.”

Furthermore, the improvement of the sperm results in the chance of a Pregnancy increased will.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of silicone and water-based gels?

The main difference between these two products is that silicone remains moist for longer, whereas the water-based agents shrivel up. However, a better quality of these articles can be achieved.

Skin compatibility Furthermore, it should also be mentioned that such goods are usually somewhat more expensive.

Less expensive to save money, but these goods do not offer such a great deal of value for money. A silicone based lube for masturbation has best durability.

Another point that should not be neglected is for every person that the goods with silicone cause allergies. All persons who react allergically should rather use water-based lubricants. Choosing of the best lube for masturbation or sex is up to personal preferences.

What is a good anal lubricant?

There are many types of gel on the market, especially designed for anal use, which can be found on specialist websites or in specialist shops:

  • AQUAglide
  • Anal Lube
  • Anal Lube Hot
  • BIOglide

Depending on the article, a very good friction reduction or also a warming property In addition, the gels are easy to apply after use. washable and sometimes even offer nurturing characteristics.

Is there an alternative to the lube?

The alternatives are other articles or types, so in any case you should refrain from using oil (for cooking, for example) to save money, although the oil also provides good gliding properties, but this natural product can cause the Contraceptive methods damaged Accordingly, contraception is not recommended. 100 percent if no original is used.

What to look out for when using condoms?

In this case, it is particularly important to use the right one, as can be seen from the designation “suitable for condoms” or “condom compatible”.

This ensures that the condom is not damaged, and it should also be noted that in most cases an small volume of which is sufficient.

What is the best lube for sensitive skin?

There are many women who basically react with itching to different wash lotions or creams, but there are many producers and manufacturers who have concentrated on these people, so there are extra lubricants for sensitive or dry skin.

These have a pH value that is adjusted to the mucous membranes, which is particularly important during menopause because women produce significantly less oestrogen during this time, which means that the mucous membranes of the vagina are less moisturized.

If your vagina is dry, you should use silicone gel, which has the advantage that it glides longer, but these models are less skin-friendly.

What is the difference between cream and lube for masturbation or sex?

Above all, it can be said as a difference that the consistency of the lubricating cream sturdier This fact makes it easier in most cases to apply the cream. dose or muster Furthermore, it can also be mentioned as a difference that the lubricating cream is usually used in tubes.

This type of packaging makes it easier to get even the smallest remnant of the cream out of the tube, otherwise, users can expect the same characteristics with these two variants.

Is there a tasty lube?

Since it can also be used for oral fun, there are some gels that have a taste. THe best ones are the tastes of fruits, strawberries, raspberries, Coke, and melon. It is important to know that the taste does not influence the properties of the gel, but is only used for oral stimulation.

“Tastes” there are all of them, the interested parties can search through special websites, which are of course all edible and therefore harmless to health.

Where to buy lubricant?

Even the best lube for masturbation doesn’t have to be bought in special shops. Ordering via the Internet is usually easier, on websites such as Amorelie,, and Amazon. Here customers can read through a great deal of information on each product, visit different categories and get advice if they have any questions. Register page to get the necessary information.

When making selections via the Internet, it is important to log on to the Keeping up to date. The best reason for this is that new products can come onto the market at any time, which, for example, offer better skin care or even greater friction reduction. You’ll also have a chance to get subscribed to the newsletters about the best tools and lubes for masturbation and sexual stimulation.

Should a purchase decision have been made after the registration, a fast dispatch can be expected. Furthermore, it should be noted that the costs for shipping are usually below 6 €. The delivery can also be completely free. This is the case, for example, when customers register with the Amazon Prime service.

If you want to save on purchasing he best lube, look for special offers and discounts. The offers of are to be taken into account as an example, in which case the customer can choose between 20 and 25 percent These offers are especially suitable for beginners who do not have so much experience in this segment, so they can be purchased quite cheaply in order to try them out during sex.

Bottom Line: Does the best lube worth it?

It’s a must to have a bottle of the best lube for masturbation or sex. It’s beneficial not only for a sex play, but for getting pregnant.

The help of the gel is very good, and the fact that it can be used in such a way is particularly positive. This includes not only different ingredients, but also different properties and even flavours, which makes it possible for everyone to choose the right one. A product llike this will not only make your masturbation relaxing, but add immaculate pleasure to sexual intercourse with your partner.

Ordering via the Internet and subsequent delivery is correspondingly simple and fast, and customers can expect fair prices, which makes it worthwhile to buy from it. auxiliaries at any rate.


How should the lubricants be stored??

After the purchase and the first application of the lube, it is important to take care of the correct maintenance because this guarantees that it will remain in use for a long period of time.

Make it is important to store it as dry and cool as possible, in which case it is advisable to store it in the bedside drawer, etc. Furthermore, they usually last longer if they have not yet been opened.

How long is it durable?

The shelf life of the products can be expected to vary, the respective expiry date is on the bottles and usually ranges between 3 and 5 months. However, with the right bearing, a longer service life can also be achieved, but in any case, it should no longer be used if, for example, this is not the case. The smell and the consistency of your lube may change.

Is there a possibility to test a lube before buying?

The best shops often offer samples of lube for masturbation. You have a chance to get a sample bottle or a packet for one masturbation or sex session. In such a case, the lubricant can be ordered directly in the shop at the hands The sample bottles from the Internet, on the other hand, can be tested directly during sexual fun, which should make it easier to buy.

Can be used by everyone?

The only restrictions to be observed are the ingredients of the respective gel. allergies or irritations It should not be used when you trigger it, and customers can obtain the relevant information using the package description. Interested parties can also obtain help directly from specialist shops or the Internet.

Where else are the funds used?

The products presented are not only used for sex and masturbation but also in plastics technology, in medicine, and in the laboratory.

In the technical and laboratory sector, the term “lubricant” is more commonly used to simplify the connection of hoses or pipe connections to one another or to insert them into one another, and the rim edge is also brushed with lubricants when a car tyre is mounted on the rim.

In plastics technology, lubricant additives are often used as they help to reduce the adhesion of the hot polymer melt to the surface, and the additives are then again categorized into “internal” and “external”.

Best lube for sex and masturbation: Reviews

My personal favourite Durex Naturals, the massage and lubricating gel smells pleasant and feels just as good. Even afterwards the good impression remains and the skin feels well cared for. If you don’t lay the lid, the tube will hold for quite a while without sticking 😉


I tested Wet Warming lube with my partner and am positively surprised. We already had bad experiences with other lubricants that had burned on the mucous membrane. This lubricant, however, is a mesicine as it is written on the back. The gel is a bit more liquid, which doesn’t bother us at all. It fulfils its purpose, we are very satisfied with our purchase. It provides tha best masturbation and sex experience.


I have ordered Paloqueth lube several times because it is by far the best. The lubricant is water-based which means it is very natural, it doesn’t smell and it doesn’t cause any skin reactions for me and my girlfriend. The gliding ability is really top.

Dustin Reimann