50 Shades Of Grey: Darker Blindfold and More Sex Toys

So that you can experience the eroticism of Fifty Shades of Grey at home, we have taken a closer look at all the toys from the current film for you, tell you where you can buy them cheaply and also give you a few tips for safe use and perfect integration into the game with.

Relax, it doesn't hurt as long as you are loose and relaxedUse enough lubricant, rather a little more than too little A small massage of the anus with the finger relaxes additionally

1. Fifty Shades of Grey Vibrator

  • “So Exquisite” G-spot vibrator

feel the vibes. Christian shows in Fifty Shades of Grey 3, which is unfortunately so often forgotten, vibrators are versatile, whether in foreplay to gently stroke, stimulate nipples or during afterplay. Tool to increase desire its.

Especially the play of power and devotion can be extremely exciting, orgasm control is the keyword here, so Christian also brought his Ana to just before the climax and then did not let her come..

Try it out – The Vibrator “So Exquisite”, which we recommend to you, promises accurate G-spot stimulation and brings even the most stubborn of you to ectase..

2. Anal plug – The dildos for the anal area

  • Anal dildo “Primal Attraction”

Anastasia flinched at first, but then she reached the absolute climax, so take it easy and let us surprise you with the Fifty Shades of Grey. Primal Attraction” anal plug Due to its conical shape (very narrow at the front and wider at the back), it can be inserted particularly easily and comfortably..

With the butt plug, you’re going to be the best for your partner. also tighter during sex so if you really get involved, an extraordinary orgasm is guaranteed..

3. Fifty Shades of Grey Toys on Part 3 Freed Pleasure Overload Set

From the simple blindfold to the anal plug, the Fifty Shades of Grey Toys – Set contains something for everyone.

Especially suitable for beginners As Sextoy expert Sandra shows on her YouTube channel, the products are of very high quality and are very trendy with their design:

Contents of the Pleasure Overload Box:

  • eye mask
  • 2 shackles
  • love beads
  • tickler
  • tassel whip
  • nipple clamps
  • butt plug
  • Vibrating penis ring
  • mini vibrator

4. Fifty Shades of Grey Darker – Blindfold for sexy games in the dark

Nothing to see, not to know when and where the next touch is, almost nothing can intensify touches much more, whether totally bound and thus completely delivered, or with a little more space, as in the other parts. easier to drop and just focus on your partner’s touches, intensify them..

A super comfortable blindfold in Shades of Grey style finds e.g.. here from Lelo. With this provider you can count on a fair price of less than 60 € and also get a good quality offered by this Love-Toy.

5. Restraints for Bondage

You want to give up power, give yourself up, let yourself go and just trust or let your partner feel that? then let yourself in on the game like Anastasia and Christian on their honeymoon, for example with these handcuffs of ice. Hands, just as you tie up your feet.

The cuffs “Saxos” are adjustable and can therefore be adjusted exactly to your wrists or ankles. Remove connection chain, which gives you the possibility to attach the handcuffs to devices such as the bed or to guide the chain through a ring on a collar.

If you are interested in this bondage combination, you will find here a suggestion for a suitable collar.

Riding crop for more fun during sexy love play

  • riding crop

The best always comes to the end – also in the Fifty Shades of Grey Toys – Ana kneels submissively on the ground and Christian dominates with a riding crop – you want to unite lust and pain? you want to feel passion and punishment? then you and your partner expect intense moments. lust and pain belong together like day and night. you can simply use the riding crop as a power-giving accessory as in the movie or let your partner feel that you now have the say. as an alternative to the riding crop can also a Paddle, which covers a larger area.

Dear beginners and immigrants of the BDSM – scene, – here it gets a little more painful, so we recommend the Riding crop not as a starter toy. Punctual punching makes the pain worse and more intense. Fifty Shades of Grey Whip has particularly soft leather straps and does not lead to injuries too easily.

Riding crop should NEVER be used on cold skin, this can lead to very serious injuries if you hit hard, so always warm up the skin a little beforehand, e.g. by hand or with a whip..

More recommendable Fifty Shades of Grey Toys:

  • love beads
  • Fifty Shades of Grey “Desire Explodes” G-spot vibrator
  • Rabbit Vibrator “Greedy Girl”
  • soft Fifty Shades of Grey handcuffs
  • Nipple clamps and clitoris clamp

Conclusion – The high-quality toys from the latest Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

With the Fifty Shades of Grey Toys for an exciting love life, you can count on more variety in the bedroom, whether customers prefer to use dildos, use an anal plug or even buy whole sets or a collection to satisfy their desire.

User reviews

Fifty Shades of Grey 3 Freed is a exactly what was promised. Optically, the whole looks quite well processed. No protruding threads or anything else. Price Performance top gladly again.


I have tried Red blindfold. This mask is totally lightproof without having to be pulled very tightly. The principle is simple. Works perfectly, as I said: works perfectly for me.


Very comfortable, appealing and durable. I was tied in Shackles with long chain (hand to ankles, prone position), then my soles were whipped. The cuffs, chains and soles had to endure a lot. Everything remained intact. I wear the cuffs because of their “horny” appearance also as decoration.