Choose Best Crystal Yoni Egg For Vagina

What is a yoni egg?

Don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of a yoni egg. In this case it is neither a miracle tool or one more new-fangled invention of esotericism from 2021. but the yoni egg is a traditional way.

The type of “womb room exercises” with the egg has existed for many centuries in different cultures, but also in primitive peoples, where the yoni egg is used to strengthen the woman’s pelvis and to act on the associated energies. Transmission of traditions and the spreading through several generations, the Yoni Egg has finally arrived with us.

In tradition, the secrets were only passed on from woman to woman and the ladies used only high-quality materials for their buttocks. orphaned woman, have a wealth of experience, but always had a good contact person on the subject of “love life”.

Love and lust can be improved by the training with Yoni EggCan be strengthened the sexual organs and possibly the whole body It is not necessary to have long experience or practice

What does the application?

What is important to know is that this is not a normal egg It is a gemstone egg that can be made from different kinds of gemstones, which is why these training products are often referred to as jade eggs.

The introduction of the egg into the vagina is intended to make the egg into the vagina of the vagina. many positive effects in the woman. Here, above all, are to be named:

  • Strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles
  • Increase of blood circulation
  • Improvement of digestion
  • Help with sexual trauma
  • Protection against fungal diseases
  • Protection against infections
  • Increase of orgasmic capacity
  • Weaknesses of menstrual symptoms
  • Sensitization
  • Balancing the hormonal balance

In this way, different areas of a woman’s life can be improved and made more pleasant. positive features However, in any case, it can be expected that the women will be positively affected by the application of this gemstone egg. astonished be.

How to use yoni eggs?

The use of the yoni egg is very easy and can be used by any woman., no lubricant, vaseline or other chemical bomb This is a natural process that should be completed naturally, but to facilitate the first insertion, you should lie down in a relaxed position so that the “Feeling effect”.

This is about welcoming the yoni egg slowly and gently.

After the egg correct position in the vagina There are different exercises that can be done to train the pelvic floor and achieve the other positive characteristics, in which case it is very important that the women do it. take it slow and don’t overdo it It takes some practice to use the egg properly, as is the case with yoga, for example.

With a regular training of several minutes per day it can be quickly determined that the pelvic floor muscles are strengthened and the orgasm can be more intense. lovely experience delineate.

Tips for using the Yoni Ice Cream

In order to make the use of the stone egg more pleasant, it is advisable to insert it before inserting it. to warm up for a few minutes between the two hands.

The friction between the palms of the hands ensures that the yoni egg gets warmer and is therefore not too cold when inserted into the vagina.

Another tip is particularly useful for beginners who are using the stones for the first time, because it is best to have a Tape around the egg Most of the articles offered today already have the following features punctures, to be able to attach the cord easily.

High-quality specialist dealers offer both perforated and non-perforated Yoni Eggs.

It is important that both variants are offered at the same price, as this shows that the yoni eggs have been carefully produced and perforated before they are given the later egg shape.

With a little practice, however, the yoni eggs can also be removed from the vagina without a string. “Pressed” However, it is up to each woman to decide which variant she would like to use.

Which exercises can be carried out with it?

Of course, it is important to note that there are various exercises that can be completed with the egg, and for each exercise you should consult a specialist or saleswoman. subject matter experts know which exercises are particularly suitable for you and therefore benefit you.

You can also attend courses and private coaching, for example “Yoni Egg Rocks”.

Here you will learn the practice that is right for you to improve your well-being in the long term, but to give you a brief overview of possible training sessions, two of them are described below.

First of all, the standard exercise that every woman should do at the beginning is to insert the egg and then alternately tighten and loosen the pelvic floor muscles, and it is best to combine this exercise with proper breathing, for example as follows:

  1. Inhalation
  2. Tense pelvic floor muscles
  3. Hold air and muscles for 12 seconds
  4. Exhale
  5. Relax the pelvic floor muscles

This process should best be carried out up to 12 times repeated every day for several weeks in order to achieve a good training of the pelvic mode.

After the yoni egg has been introduced, the pelvis has to rotate alternately to the left and then to the right. horizontal eight where again between left and right circles.

Finally, after the exercise, it is necessary to lie down calmly and simply keep the egg in the vagina and passively the muscles also work on the egg, which also strengthens the pelvic floor, which has a positive effect on love and sex.

Which models are available?

All models have one thing in common, namely the shape of an egg and that these are made of a gemstone; on the other hand, there are correspondingly larger differences, which must be taken into account, and in particular to be named:

  • measurements
  • purchase costs
  • accessory products
  • types of gemstones

With regard to the dimensions, it may be stated that the eggs, depending on the variants, may vary between 1 and 6 cm Therefore they correspond approximately to the thickness of an average penis in Germany.

Amplitude, that expansiveness and also the denseness. The purchase price of the Egg Rocks, on the other hand, depends on the size of the egg. material choice and processing.

You can do this with a price of 30 up to 130 Euro The accessories include transport bag Finally, the types of gems to be expected here should be described.

Rose quartz

This is a so-called healing stone, In this way, for example, the body can be freed from negative energy and strengthened anew. pink colouring and silky surface out.


This gemstone comes from China and has a dark green coloration In addition, a soft exterior can be expected, which quickly conceals the fact that this material is one of the most break-resistant gems.

For many years, this stone was known in Asia as the means of payment In addition, it is important to opt for products from the high-quality “Nephrite Jade” to decide and not to use imitations.


This gemstone is usually characterized by a very dark black Obsidian promotes energetic independence and also offers an energy-saving effect. smooth surface.

Which is the best?

There are no ultimate yoni egg, which for every woman as a “The best.” Each lady is different and is in a phase of rest or needs courage or inspiration; depending on which gems the eggs are made of, they give off differentiated energies that correspond to one of the phases; now it is important that you decide for the yoni egg that corresponds to your current situation.

You don’t have to do this alone, but you can rely on the help of experts like Violeta Labella With an experienced look and sensitivity, it helps you to intuitively recognize which yoni egg is best for you. is right for you right now. So you certainly feel well looked after and advised.

Furthermore, it’s important to know that you’re mostly just a yoni egg needs. With the right training and muscle building you know best when it is necessary to switch to the next, so you can build up a range of high quality stone eggs over time.

How do most women’s yoni egg experiences turn out during the test?

Both via one or the other blog and via Facebook (Facebook group of Yoni Egg – Yoni Egg Rocks) and for example via a video on YouTube, it is possible to share the experiences of women.

These are ladies who are just starting to use the Yoni Egg, but there are also reports from users who have been using the product for training for some time (since 2021). case worth, if you are still thinking about whether the purchase of such an egg is worthwhile or not.

In any case, it can be assumed that most of the reports and experiences of the ladies are positive, including the fact that they have achieved the desired results quite easily, such as a more intensive Orgasm or more well-being.

It is important to know that every woman reacts differently to the training, so that it can take faster or even longer for the respective successes to occur. 100 percent natural stone Thus the ladies do not have to insert unnatural materials such as silicone into the vagina.

Of course, we will also be adding new experience reports, which will then also be published on Facebook, a blog or a video on YouTube.

Where to buy a yoni egg?

Since these products have not been known in Germany for so long and are therefore not used as often, the choice of purchase options is comparatively small, so it is best to simply order the desired yoni egg via the Internet.

Amazon as the best place to go. If you’re already here. have an account, you know how easy it is to order, but if you haven’t registered with Amazon yet, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Easy selection of products
  • Uncomplicated ordering process
  • High level of customer data protection
  • Fast and secure shipping
  • Prime eliminates shipping costs

In addition, it can also be mentioned that the selection of the whole stone-eggs is quite large, as described above in the comparison table In this case, there should be the right yoni egg for every woman, which corresponds to her wishes and ideas.

Are there alternatives to purchasing via Amazon?

Especially to be named here is the “somewhat different” online shop “Yoni Egg Rocks” by Violeta Labella.

This is an expert in the field of vitality and sexuality as well as the improvement of the same, through the at the beginning strange sounding stone eggs, so that customers can not only expect a large selection of products, but also receive extensive advice. international on the stage of major events and also likes to share her knowledge in more private courses.

In the courses, it is even easier to clarify open questions, which make the selection easier. physical or spiritual practice This means that your shop is sure to offer the right thing for every woman.

Conclusion – Does it really make sense to use the yoni egg?

The use of the Yoni Egg is for many women from the year 2017 and also 2018 more than useful. What sounds a bit antique at first glance has become an absolute must in our time: modern women have many tasks which they have to perform at the same time, which increases the pressure from outside and repeatedly calls their self-determination into question. Women over 50 or new mothers.

Through topics such as: Exercise, Sports and diet, training from the pelvic floor is also becoming increasingly important for younger women.

It is mentioned again and again how simply it is to use the product for training. It is not necessary to have long experience or practice, everyone can use it in a timely manner and it is also mentioned that love and lust can be improved by the training, not only the orgasm can be strengthened by the egg, but the whole sexuality and the consciousness for the own lap space, the sexual organs and possibly even the whole body can be optimized.

However, the many good experiences the ladies have made also speak of the fact that the Easy purchase of high-quality Yoni Eggs possible This fact is very important for purchasing products that are not only easy to use but also have a long shelf life.


How should the egg be cleaned?

Since the product is introduced directly into the women’s vagina for training, it is particularly important to pay attention to high quality hygiene! rashes and inflammations In addition, proper cleaning is just as important for the health-promoting effects as the egg itself, but due to the fact that the products are basically gems, a simple cleaning can be expected.

First of all, it is very important to know that the egg must be thoroughly cleaned both before and after use. sprouts and bacteria Then allow the water to cool down a little until it is lukewarm, and the yoni egg can then be used for 10 to 15 minutes In the water (withoutsoapAfter this time the cleaned egg can be taken out of the water and held in the hand, where it is possible to connect with the egg and whisper your wishes to it, which sometimes come true.

Another type of cleaning is the “energetic cleansing.” For this purpose, for example Frankincense as sage, tones, brown rice or meditations In this case, the energetic power of the stones is purified so that they can unfold their full effect.

Helps the yoni egg in case of bladder weakness?

The pelvic floor training that can be done with the egg not only has the positive side effect that sexuality is improved, but also natural functions of the body can be optimized in this way, especially women who suffer from bladder weakness.

Reduced need for hands and the Bladder completely empty Common causes of Hanweg disease are bladder or kidney infections, with studies proving that around 93 percent of users from pelvic floor training, have already noticed a clear improvement after one week.

When should the Yoni Egg not be worn?

Although it is practiced in Asia, it is not recommended to use the egg during pregnancy.

This is especially true when there is not enough experience with the application of the harrows. Protection of the unborn child. Furthermore, the egg should also not to be worn during menstruation.

Thus, only the natural flow impeded, in addition, the Acidity of menstruation attack the surface of the stone Finally, you should also refrain from carrying the yoni egg after a infection or a Intervention in the area the vagina, like an abortion.

User reviews

Well packed in small velvet pouches these three beautiful Yoni Eggs Set arrived at my place. But I only need the middle one, it fits exactly and helps me with my pelvic floor training. The small quartz is my hand flatterer, the big egg is a piece of jewellery on my pussy.

Victoria Gibson

My Yoni Egg Polar Jade arrived on time and I was already curious how it would look like. The velvet bag with the egg was again in a small plastic bag and then only in the cardboard packaging. The quartz egg was clean and undamaged and it was even more beautiful than on the picture. The hole is also drilled clean so that you can thread the thread without problems. I can give a clear buy recommendation.


I am very satisfied with the Elanee Pelvic Floor Eggs, they are offered is a reasonable price, in the shop they are very expensive. Especially recommended after birth.