Best Massager Cobra Libre II: Review Penis Vibrator For Men

What is the Cobra Libre II from Fun Factory?

This is a special type of Masturbator in the second generation. This product is primarily designed to stimulate the sensation of the male penis by simply inserting the penis into the pleasure tunnel, simulating the penetration of a vagina or oral sex.

11 intensity levels and provides for an even greater more authentic feeling As with any masturbator, the aim is to bring the man to an intense orgasm quickly.

What does the Fun Factory sex toy look like?

It can be assumed in any case that this masturbator does not have the typical shape; of course, the product has a longer pleasure channel into which the penis is inserted and behind the pleasure channel are the two motors that vibrate, giving the men’s toy a similar shape to a “T”Furthermore, in terms of appearance, the ergonomic base This ensures a good hold and easy use in any situation.

Experience more powerful orgasmsEnvelops the head of the penis in rumbling vibration A state-of-the-art toy has two powerful motors

The Cobra Libre II is also available in two different colour variations. black Thus the product does not only look noble, but also fits into the bedrooms of most gentlemen. ruddy Which of the two colour variants is chosen is up to the customer.

Dimensions and material

The masturbator is quite small and handy.

14.7 centimeters Therefore, the goods can be easily transported and it is also important with regard to the dimensions that the men’s toy has a diameter of 4.3 centimetres.

To allow as many men as possible to use the toy, these are fixed sizes; depending on the size of the male limb, the material used stretches, so that even men with larger or smaller limbs can be well satisfied.

The toy can bind a link with a diameter of 3 to 5 centimetres The length of the article can accommodate a penis, which can be placed between 13 and 20 centimetres In the case of the material, it must be stated that both the pleasure channel and the largest part of the outer sheath are made of soft 100 percent medical grade silicone.

This material has the advantage that it has a long durability and retains its shape even during heavy use and it can also be mentioned that the silicone still offers a good grip even when wet, so that the masturbator never slips out of the hand and the silicone also offers a high skin compatibility.

Finally, it should be mentioned that some parts of the shell are made of plastic Among other things, the rear part containing the two engines must be listed, in which case good stability and adequate grip can also be expected during use.

How does the Sextoy for Men work?

Simply explained, the Cobra Libre II has to be put over his erect penis and the sex toy has to be moved up and down until this stimulation leads to the climax of the man.

Key panels With these the Cobra Libre II can either be switched on or off and it is possible to adjust the intensity of the built-in vibration motor determinable.

To ensure that enough power is always available for vibration, the product has a permanently installed battery, which can simply be charged via a charging cable, which can be connected to the power supply. magnetic It is also worth mentioning that the shape of the Sextoy has been chosen to allow one-hand operation, which makes it easier to use, but sometimes the men’s toy can be placed on a surface like a table to actively penetrate the Cobra Libre II.

Finally, an important point in the function is that these articles from Fun Factory have a key lock This way the vibrating does not switch on automatically when the Cobra Libre II is in a wardrobe trunk or one pouch In this way, the transport is carried out accordingly. streamlined.

What are the advantages of the acorn stimulator over other men’s toys?

Normally a masturbator does not have a (in the case of the Cobra Libres II even a two Accordingly), conventional masturbators are characterized above all by the following properties:

  • Quick to use
  • Pleasant stimulation
  • Prompt climax
  • Simple operation
  • High quality material

First of all, the Cobra Libre II has the same advantages as the conventional masturbators, but also the extensive vibration. 11 steps users can choose to receive an intensive massage from their penis shaft Furthermore, the wave-like massage in the area of the glans, which is also triggered by the vibration, can be mentioned as an advantage, so that this sex toy for men can in any case be described as particularly intensive.

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Where to buy the Cobra Libre 2 from Fun Factory at a good price

The Internet in particular offers many port of call These are, among other things, websites or shops such as:

  • Amazon
  • cupid
  • Orion

In this case it is a matter of serious Shops and vendors that offer shopping facile and above all unendangered Many customers are already registered here, so it is not necessary to log in, but also the registration with the other providers is quickly completed or the users order as “Guest” If possible, comprehensive information about the Cobra Libre 2 is provided on the above-mentioned pages. Shots give a clear picture of the goods.

Of course, the price for the toy, which currently stands at around 129 € It is important here that the price can change at any time, for example by using special offers. newsletter or rather mail Once the best offer has been selected, customers can usually purchase it with just a few clicks, by moving the item to their shopping cart and then ordering it; customers who have already registered on the site can then select shipping to their address, otherwise the registration process can be completed in minutes.

In general it is to be expected that the dispatch does not take more than a few working days. 1 to 2 days So that not every neighbour or roommate can immediately recognize that a man’s toy has been ordered, each shop has a neutral dispatch In this case, a package is used that bears the name of a dummy company, for example. reckoning for the purchase not terms like Cobra Libre 2, sex toy or sex shop Here, too, attention is paid to a discrete description, which usually only exists as a combination of numbers.

What experiences have masters had with the use of the sex toy?

Extensive experience reports are a helpful source of information to get a good picture of the Cobra Libre II. Forums, Blogs or Shelf pages in which the experiences of the customers are reported accordingly.

Social networking sites as Facebook or Twitter Of course, new reports are also added time and again, so that it is becoming more and more possible to inform oneself about the men’s toy before it is purchased.

It can be assumed that all the testers are quite satisfied with the Cobra Libre II. functionalities Here you are always talking about a fast and intense orgasm due to the vibration. affirmative Finally, it is an important positive experience for the customer that the article will always be maintained over a long period of time. life cycle and high-quality workmanship.

However, there are also disadvantages which are often mentioned when using the Cobra Libre II. high cost There are similar masturbators available on the market, which are correspondingly cheaper. too noisy and sometimes it is also mentioned that the desire channel too tight Each customer must decide for himself whether the negative aspects are justifiable or whether he would rather buy an alternative.

Inexpensive alternatives to the Cobra Libre II

The alternative products are models that do not have vibration, in which case the stimulation is only generated by manual movements of the hand or hips, but you can also expect a purchase price up to 100 € less than the purchase price of the Cobra Libres II:

  • Satisfyer Men
  • Fleshlight
  • Egg Variety

These products can also be purchased over the Internet, offering discreet shipping and fast delivery, but there are also models on the market that also vibrate when used, but in this case it can be said that the vibration massage is far less effective than the Cobra Libre II.

Can the Cobra Libre II be used extensively?

The product was primarily developed to be used by a man in bed, for example, but there are many more situations in which the masturbator can be used. couches, seats or standing Furthermore, it should be mentioned that the complete Cobra Libre II is completely waterproof, not only for the pleasure tunnel, but also for the vibration motor.

This characteristic leads to the fact that the Sextoy also under the shower or even in the bath tub Thus the man can provide more variety in his love life and use the toy not only in the bedroom, it is finally still possible to use the article also on the way. Hotel room or dressing rooms.

To avoid disturbing anyone, it is not worth switching on the vibrator, so that the device does not make any noise, so it can be assumed that the Cobra Libre II is a sex toy that can be used extensively.

Conclusion – Is the Cobra Libre II a good toy for men?

It can be generally assumed that a masturbator is a meaningful male toy for every man, whether the user is just looking for relaxation or looking for an exciting sexual experience, the product certainly has the correct. In addition, the Cobra Libre II from Fun Factory can be used to show that, due to its special qualities, how vibration is used, especially gladly.

The Cobra Libre II has repeatedly identified three points in its positive assessment that are important for the conclusion:

  • High quality
  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive effect

According to these reviews of most customers, it can be assumed that the use of the Cobra Libre II is definitely worthwhile for many men who are looking for relaxation or a high-quality orgasmic aid look.


What is the cleaning and care of the Cobra Libre II?

It is important to thoroughly clean the masturbator before first use and immediately after each subsequent use. warm water and soap. But it’s better to choose one of them.

Toycleaner which is used especially for sex toys and to achieve a high level of sexual pleasure. Cleaning action Afterwards, another care product. This ensures that the Cobra Libre II can remain in use for many years.

The Cobra Libre II is only suitable for singles?

Basically, this Fun Factory toy can be used by all men, whether they are single or are in a heterosexual relationship. or rather too homosexual The only difference is the way the Cobra Libre II is used, whereas single males have to use the device on themselves, which can allow males in a relationship to leave control over the Cobra Libre II to their partner, which can lead to erotic stimulation from the limb that can be used as preparation for sex, for example.

Should lube be used with the men’s toy?

Since the Cobra Libre II cannot get moist like a real vagina, it makes sense to lubricate the opening as well as the pleasure tunnel. Lissomely In this way, an even more realistic feeling can be achieved. water basis.

The lubricants can be purchased online on Fun Factory’s website or in specialist shops, and if new products are added, interested parties can be informed by e-mail.

How long does it take to recharge and how long should it be used?

Unfortunately, it is to be expected that the battery will take quite a long time to charge at the socket, so it can take several hours before the goods are fully charged again. ready for use.

On the other hand, a good battery life can be expected, which is of course determined by the respective intensity level; the stronger the motor vibrates, the faster the battery will also run down. Battery runtime but it is to be expected that the device can be used for several hours at a time.

Is a certain preparation necessary to use the Fun Factory masturbator?

The only preparation is the application of lubricant, but this is not absolutely necessary, for example if the men use the Sextoy in the shower or in the bathtub, and of course the penis must be erect enough to be able to insert it into the opening. erectile dysfunction it can be more difficult to use the Cobra Libre II, but if there are no problems, it is also possible to use the Cobra Libre II.

Finally, it can be mentioned as a preparation that it makes sense to keep the product always clean, so that dirt or dirt does not cause inflammation on the penis or even under the glans. lustrated With this preparation it should be no problem to be able to use the toy more often.

User reviews

This device has so much power and different modes that you can always come. The best purchase in a long time in this field. I can only recommend the Cobra Libre ll to any man. Clear purchase recommendation. The battery runs for over 1 hour when fully charged. TOP!


My first product in this direction. But all previous reviews promised a completely new experience. And I can only confirm that! It fits indeed only scarcely the point purely. But that is completely sufficient! Various vibration modes. Provide for long or short fun. Satisfaction is guaranteed with Cobra Libre II.


I thought about buying this toy for a long time, did not regret a minute! The highlights are much more intense than with the normal manual work. Only after a short time I reached the absolute climax. Especially under the shower it is a successful change.

Sven Bangert