Review Vibrator Womanizer 2GO: Best Clit Toy

What is the Womanizer 2GO?

The Womanizer 2GO is the newest member of the Womanizer product family. Womanizer Technology In order to be able to use the vibrator well also on the road, it offers the optics of an lipstick.

This means that it can not only be used in every Handbag transported The Womanizer 2GO does not look like a sex toy, but the use of the device does not change.

What exactly does the Womanizer 2GO look like?

The Womanizer 2GO looks particularly good with the protection cap like a completely normal (albeit somewhat oversized) lipstick. Removing the cap reveals the typical Womanizer teat, which, however, is strongly reminiscent of a red lipstick in terms of shape and colour. sex toy trafficked.

Colours, dimensions and weight

The little orgasm hero is available in three different colors:

  • Black Gold
  • Ivory Gold
  • Mint pink

With his barely 125.35 x 35 mm size and a weight of only 130 g It is important to know that the colouring does not make any difference when using the stimulator – it is only a matter of the personal taste of the customers. different intensity levels are to be named here.

What is the advantage of the Womanizer 2GO

The main advantage of Womanizer 2GO compared to the other products in the range With the protective cap on, hardly anyone can guess what a hot secret is hidden in the harmless-looking lipstick case, and the small dimensions can also be mentioned as an advantage. easily transported without having to forego performance or a good effect.

But there are also some general advantages to be expected from the Womanizer 2GO. craftsmanship and a good material choice The waterproof cover also makes cleaning the Womanizer 2Go easy, and the device can be charged quickly and easily via USB.

Finally, an important advantage is that in most cases the small sex toy can become a good price This way the ladies can save money, but still experience sexual fulfillment.

How does the surface vibrator feel?

The stimulation by the little womanizer feels very gentle and intense at the same time, because the toy does not rest directly on the skin, but the clitoris is stimulated contact-free by gentle sucking. never unpleasantly strong and there is no over-irritation of the sensitive intimate region.

Some women compare the feeling that the toy triggers with that of very skilled oral sex. However, it must be taken into account that every woman is different and therefore the feeling can also differ somewhat.

Of course, it also depends on how the Womanizer 2GO is used: if it is pressed firmly onto the clitoris, for example, the sensation is usually more intense than if it is simply applied lightly. 6 intensity levels Many women like to start slowly and then increase the intensity.

How is the orgasm with the Womanizer 2GO?

The orgasm with the Womanizer 2GO is extremely intensive. The contactless stimulation of the clitoris increases the excitement. Very gentle little by little, until they are finally in a burst.

The great advantage of the unique Womanizer stimulation is that you can continue directly after the first orgasm, as the gentle sucking of the device does not overexcite the clitoris, unlike conventional vibrators. skin-friendly material (silicone), which is used with this stimulator, ensures that the application is possible for a longer time.

In this way, depending on the time, women can multiple orgasms Each climax is described as intensive and unique, which can be read in reports from women who used the Womanizer 2GO correspondingly often in 2018.

How does the stimulation device work and how can it be operated?

The little orgasm hero is placed on the clitoris and gently sucks it out from under her protective foreskin. non-contact Some women use the toy with lubricant to intensify the feeling even more and to protect the skin.

The intensity levels can be switched through directly during use in order to experience a stronger or weaker suction.

It should also be noted that the brackets can be changed by the Womanizer 2GO so that the clitoris is sucked in from different directions, so that the feeling can change again when using it and thus more alternation The best thing to do here is simply to test for yourself how the toy feels best.

How loud is the device?

At the lowest intensity level is the Toy very quiet The more you turn up the intensity, the louder it gets.

At the highest level is a buzzing If you hold the Womanizer 2GO between two fingers, for example, the volume is usually more intense, but if you hold it between two fingers, the product can be used in shared flats or in a hotel room. complete with the fist the volume is reduced.

Another tip to reduce humming is simply to use the product under the shower or the bath tub or also under the comforter. Thus, the volume can be reduced to such an extent that the stimulator can hardly be heard.

How to clean the orgasm donor?

The sex toy is very easy to clean and the red suction cup can be removed for easy cleaning. warm water Furthermore, the waterproof housing can also be completely cleaned under running water.

Toy Cleaner This is a special cleaning agent designed for sex toys, which not only provides good cleaning, but also ensures that the materials, such as the silicone, are not damaged.

In the further course of the cleaning process, a antiseptics The disinfectant and the Toy-Cleaner can also be purchased from a specialist shop or shop on the net, so that all germs are killed on the Womanizer 2GO.

For whom is the Toy suitable?

The Womanizer 2Go is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users. Sex toy users Due to its small size, the intimate stimulation device is also particularly well suited as a holiday companion and thanks to the elegant camouflage as lipstick, it can also lie around in shared flats or with parents without being immediately recognizable as a vibrator.

Thus it can be assumed that the Womanizer 2GO is suitable for all women who are looking for a high-quality pressure wave vibrator that is as easy to use as possible. little attention Furthermore, the toy is also intended for ladies who want to use a sex toy, which can be used for an fast and intense orgasm provides.

Can the stimulation device also be used as a pair?

The toy can be used by couples for foreplay or also to help the woman to the climax if he has already fired his powder.

For use during sex we recommend a special vibrator for couples like:

  • We Vibe
  • Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples
  • Unite

When used as a couple, it does not matter whether the woman uses the 2GO Womanizer and the man just watches or the man places the sex toy on the clitoris of his sex partner, but it is often more appropriate for the man to use the sex toy with the woman. completely relax and fully engage in the feeling of stimulation.

Where to buy the Womanizer 2GO cheap?

There are several points of contact that can be used to purchase the Womanizer product at a good price, in particular the following four points of contact on the net, which have various advantages to offer:

  • Amazon
  • cupid
  • Orion

Each shop has a good selection to offer and enables you to in a hurry and simple-minded to inform about the different variants of the Womanizer 2GO.

Article photos and product details However, we recommend that you buy from Amazon, as they have a very good reputation there. favourable price and the shipment is made possible thanks to the neutral packaging Even the most curious roommate will hardly guess that a powerful design vibrator is hiding in an inconspicuous package from Amazon.

But also at Amorelie, and Orion you can expect a neutral delivery similar to Amazon’s. Furthermore it should be noted that there can be special offers where the Womanizer 2GO has been reduced in price, so if you always keep up to date, you can always get the best price. undamaged and in a hurry Afterwards, the toy only needs to be charged via USB cable and can be used directly. depending on the state of charge, charging usually takes no time at all. little time on claim.


The Womanizer 2GO is the perfect orgasm hero for in between and on the go, thanks to its handy design and the funny mascara camouflage it can easily be carried in your handbag, the orgasms with the device are very intense thanks to the proven Womanizer stimulation technique, but the purchase of the product is also very easy and fast if one of the named contact points is used for this purpose.


Are multiple orgasms possible with the Womanizer 2GO?

The simple answer to this question is: “Yes”. Thanks to the innovative technology of the device, it is not so easy to overexcite the sensitive intimate region, so many women can experience several orgasms in a row thanks to the stimulation device.

But basically it can be said that peaks can be reached at any time as long as the device still has power.

Does the sex toy really look exactly like a lipstick?

However, the orgasm donor with its 12,5 cm length and 3,5 cm Even if you take off the protective cap, the Womanizer 2GO still looks like a make-up aid, but on closer inspection, everyone should realize that it’s not lipstick, but the trick here is simply not to let it get that far.

Is the Womanizer 2GO also something for beginners?

Many women have certainly used a vibrator but have not yet used a pressure wave vibrator, so beginners may have respect for the Womanizer and may not buy it, but it is not necessary to worry and every woman should be able to use the Womanizer 2GO in a few minutes without having to read the included manual.

If there are any questions, fortunately in 2018 there will be a lot of help via the Internet, which can be used to get an idea of the application. Videos on YouTube, But also descriptions on professional websites offer a good help with questions, but it is also possible to try out the toy and there is no risk of injury and what they say: “The proof of the pudding is in the eating“.

User reviews

In the beginning my princess had no idea about the purpose of the utensil. Meanwhile it is her (second) best friend. According to her, it is an expansion of consciousness and a must have for women. At most one minute to the goal!

Robert Windisch

Very fast delivery Womanizer 2GO. Good workmanship, so no sharp edges. Very ergonomic shape and super good for use. So all around more than satisfied therefore very recommendable and again and again.

Peggy Herrmann

Ordering, delivery and purchase Womanizer 2GO were quick and uncomplicated. The Womanizer is super in use: Only level 1 and within 1 minute you are in 7th heaven. All other levels are too intensive for me.

Alison Apeler