Sex Toys For Women: 5 Best Female Clit Vibrator, Stimulator

Vibrators (from Latin vibrare, “tremble, tremble, swing”) are electric sex toys for women and men in different shapes and made of different materials; a small electric motor inside makes the material vibrate; in the invention, the device was actually considered a medical device to act against the so-called “female hysteria”, but now it is supposed to stimulate the erogenous zones on the body.

Nowadays it is no longer used for medical purposes, but as a masturbation aid or as a love toy during sexual intercourse with partners, although women use this toy mainly for the sexual excitement of men; for the breast and also for the anus there are sometimes different forms.

Vibrators is most popular sex toys ever they are availableUsed both in masturbation alone and in love play with a partner Help you to experience completely new levels of sexual excitement and orgasms

What is the difference between a dildo and a vibrator?

The main difference between these two product categories is that women sex toys are powered by electricity and can, therefore, vibrate independently.. dildos have no vibration of their own and must, therefore, be moved by the user herself in order to develop their lust donating effect. in this guide.

It is much easier for most women to have an orgasm with the help of a vibrator than with an artificial cock, making these toys ideal toys for sex toy catchers.

How to use this sex toy properly?

If you want to use one for the first time, you should take it rather slow, ideally to start with the excellent Womanizer on-lay vibrator or a good rod vibrator for example with the Magic Wand and take a lot of time to experiment.

Similar to real sexual intercourse, relaxation and excitement are essential for a beautiful erotic experience, so you can close your eyes first, follow your imagination and stroke yourself a little before you bring it into play.

At first you should only pamper the outer vaginal area and set it to “half power”, as the hum of some appliances can turn off a little at first. after a little trial and error you will find your favorite spot that feels best to you. then just close your eyes and let yourself drift.

What types of vibrators for women are available?

To help you find your way around this product jungle, we have divided the toys into two main groups: classics and newcomers. TOP 5 list exactly which lust donors really bring it.


The following types of women vibrators are particularly popular and proven:

  • surface vibrator
  • rod vibrator
  • Rabbit vibrator
  • power vibrator
  • G-spot vibrator

Which, in my opinion, is currently best ever is the womanizer. This is a new type of surface vibrator With these completely touch-free stimuli many girls can experience orgasms of undreamt-of intensity.

You can find many detailed facts about this toy in our Womanizer guide, but of course, there are also surface vibrators that vibrate very classically. Better Thane Chocolate 2 from Nomi Tang.

rod vibrators As the name suggests, they usually have a straight or slightly curved rod shape and are therefore suitable for both clitoral and vaginal use. Inspector Midnight of CUPE and the meridian from Vibe Therapy.

The Rabbit vibrator is a further development of the classic rod vibrator which, in addition to the main shaft that can be inserted into the vagina, has a small arm at the end for clitoral stimulation, allowing the Rabbit vibrator to pamper you clitorally and vaginally and give you particularly intense orgasms. Virgo Rabbit Vibrator of VOU and the amino from Fun Factory are two excellent representatives of this type.

The so-called power vibrators or massagers are Toys with orgasm guarantee. They are intended for purely external use and can effectively stimulate the entire genital area through their power, while the powerful stimuli even allow multiple orgasms for many girls. Europe Magic Wall and the Lelo Smart Wall.

Another power vibrator is the model called Fairy, which is considered to be the successor of the Europe Magic Wall.

G-spot vibrators As a special feature, however, they have a strongly curved tip, which is very well suited to stimulate the G-spot in the vagina and thus cause strong vaginal orgasms.

Starter model, which can also be used clitorally is G-spot vibrator For more experienced sex toy users, the Stronic Three by Fun Factory a very good choice.

These dual vibrators stimulate both the vagina and the peas at the same time, Rabbit vibrators are also dual vibrators, an entry-level model being the Lelo Soraya dual vibrator, which is based on two-motor technology that can be driven independently of each other.


The following types of vibrators are usually quite new developments:

  • Pair vibrator
  • Vibro Egg
  • Mini Vibi
  • finger vibrator

Lately, the so-called Pair vibrators. These are small, usually ring-shaped or semicircular mini-vibrators that can be worn by either him or her during sexual intercourse and are usually designed to stimulate the woman additionally at the pleasure pearl during penetration.

We vibe 4 Plus Pair Vibrator or the doppio from BeauMents.

Vibro Eggs The vibrations of the small egg-shaped devices can be controlled by a remote control, which of course can also be operated by the partner.

The balls are completely discreet and can therefore also be used for erotic gimmicks outside the home. remote controlled vibro egg of Plaisirs Secrets and Lyla 2 Vibro eggs are closely connected to the non-vibrating love beads Love balls can especially help to achieve stronger orgasms and stronger pelvic floor muscles.

One Mini Vibi is a good choice for ladies who are built a little tighter or who want to explore the world of sex toys as a beginner with a smaller companion. dive from MOQQA or the sweet Little Paul Little Paul, however, has a slightly thicker diameter due to his nose.

finger vibrators A finger vibrator is particularly suitable for erotic foreplay, but can also trigger orgasms if held directly to the pleasure button. two popular finger vibrators are the finger fighter from CUPE and the Hello Touch from Jimmyjane.

Special models and types

This category includes particularly innovative vibrator products:

  • sex machine
  • camouflaged models
  • slip vibrator
  • male vibrator
  • pressure wave vibrator

The most famous sex machine is the Sybian, Due to her extremely strong vibrations she can cause extremely violent orgasms and is therefore often called the strongest love toy in the world.

Camouflaged models are often not recognizable as such at first glance. lipstick, candy or cute rubber duck “However, these toys are usually more of a little gimmick for in between and as far as vibration power is concerned hardly comparable to their big brothers.

Slip vibrators are either already incorporated in a briefs or can be easily put into them due to their flat form. Secret Panty A cheeky innovation of this genre is the Club Vibe 2.

OH music vibrator, The Wake-up Vibe is just as creative as the Wake-up Vibe, a vibrator alarm clock, which is put into the panties at night before going to sleep and wakes the girl up the next day with gentle vibrations at the set time.

Since the penis needs much stronger vibrations for a satisfying excitation than the clitoris of the woman, most are developed for the ladies. Vibis for men Only some very strong massagers like the Europe Magic Wall. Meanwhile there are also first special male vibrators like the blowjob simulator Autoblow 2 or the acorn massager Cobra Libre 2. à Rectal vibis.

Masturbation: beginners get to the Klimax very quickly

Many representatives of the ladies’ world report that the sexual climax comes much faster due to the pressure waves, which is very satisfying because the feeling is very intense and men often can’t get the woman to come, the vagina is perfectly stimulated by the pressure waves in the right place, so there are reports that the user has already come after 60 seconds or after 2 minutes.

Self-love can now be reinvented for everyone and many look as if it were a skin cleanser or a wellness massage stick.

Which one is most suitable for beginners?

The Womanizer Pro Unlike his colleagues, this toy stimulates your pleasure pearl not by vibrations but by gentle sucking, a new kind of stimulation that is incredibly gentle and intense at the same time and can also bring ladies to a climax that would otherwise not be so easy.

If you are very tightly built or you generally want to start with a more delicate playmate, a Mini Vibi is probably a good choice for you. dive from MOQQA.

Beside the already mentioned sex toys for women you can start with simple bar or G-spot vibrators to find out what feels good to you without having a confusing huge variety of different options in front of you.. wave from MOQQA, which is very well suited for both clitoral and vaginal application.

What is the experience of women in the vibrator test?

Women who have never used a toy before often experience that they come faster than initially thought, due to the new excitement of the clitoris or the G-spot.

Many younger girls find it much easier to orgasm with a vibi than with masturbation by hand or during sexual intercourse, but guys often don’t recommend this toy because the toy should be seen as a complement in love life, as both sides benefit from it.

Women who have more experience benefit from the wide choice of different models and the test with a lust donor can also be different, which is due to the various programs of a single toy.

What to look out for when buying a vibrator?

First of all you should pay attention to good quality, high quality equipment of established brands like Fun Factory or MOQQA are covered with skin-friendly silicone, because in the intimate area cheap and health-hazardous materials such as soft plastic have simply nothing lost. a very popular sex toy color is pink.

Then you should think about what you’d like to use the little sex donor for, should it be an entry-level model to try out, or do you want to buy a professional device that can shake you to new heights of orgasms, spice up your love life in your relationship, or experience something crazier, or buy a suitable toy for every occasion?

How much do the devices cost?

Cheap models are usually available for 30 – 40 € and the best Womanizer Pro is 189 €.

Where can I buy a cheap and discreet?

Although there are sexshops in every major city nowadays, but they are usually rather filthy and not particularly women-friendly furnished.

The two currently best online erotic shops in my opinion are and They offer a wide range of high quality products and shipping is very fast and discreet.

Both shops use a discreet sender address, so curious neighbors won’t know what’s in your parcel, and shipping is usually very fast, so you can usually have your order in your hands in just a few days.

Which one is right for me?

With so many models on offer today, it’s not always easy to keep track of them all, so I’d like to give you a few tips below to find the ideal one for you.

For beginners

The Womanizer Pro is certainly the best choice for beginners: thanks to its unique stimulation by rhythmic sucking, it can stimulate your lust button more intensively than conventional vibes, and even the weaker sex, which otherwise does not come so easily, can usually experience a satisfying experience with this bed toy.

If you don’t want to spend so much at the beginning and just want to test if such a device is something for you at all I recommend the dive The MOQQA is not only nice to look at, but also handy and you can hold it on the outside of the clitoris or insert it easily.

For advanced students

Also for girls who already have some vibrator experience is the Womanizer Pro in my opinion the absolute best choice (see also our info article).

But you are already a fan of classical vibrations and want to expand your experience there are many interesting options.

The Amorino is a good choice if you are curious about what such an object can do: Thanks to its two arms, the little devil can not only pamper you vaginally and clitorally at the same time, but with its innovative silicone band can also vibrate your entire intimate area at once.

For incredibly intense clitoral orgasms you could try a massage stick (also called Magic Wand) These devices were originally developed for full-body massage, but when you “use” them as love toys they can give you particularly strong clitoral orgasms due to their powerful vibration.

If you know that you are particularly fond of strong vaginal seduction, a so-called pulsator could be a very good choice for you. these new models from Fun Factory not only vibrate, but can also perform powerful jerks and thus trigger strong vaginal orgasms. Bi Stronic Fusion, which thanks to its small wing arm can also pamper your clitoris intensively.

For couples

Meanwhile there is a large selection of toys, which was developed especially for couples. vibrating penis ring it can e.g. improve its firmness and at the same time spoil its clitoris.

Special extra vibrators like the We Vibe or the doppio can provide new impetus for the GV through their targeted vibrations.

For a change in bed you can also use the 14 Days Sex Life Challenge of Amorelie, who wants to bring some new momentum into your love life with 14 different erotic surprises.

For Men

Since the penis requires a much stronger vibration than the peas, sex toys developed for women are usually not suitable for men for orgasm, with the exception of the power vibrators, which, thanks to their very powerful low-frequency vibration, can also bring man’s appearance to a climax by irritation of the glans.

The advantage of these toys over the very popular pocket pussy is that they can also be used without a hard erection and are therefore well suited to get “on the go” for a start.

The prostate as a “male G-spot” also responds very well to stimulation by dildos or vibration, which is why there are now a number of devices that have been specially developed for this type of stimulation, which are introduced anal and can, therefore, have a good effect on the prostate. Dr. Deep from CUPE.

Where can I see these sex toys in action?

A good way for curious people to see many different toys in action is the website Orgasm World Championship, where two girls stimulate each other with different sex toys over a certain period of time.

Another interesting video project on sex toys and female erection is the art project Hysterical Literature, in which the female sex reads from various literary works while being invisibly stimulated by a strong power vibrator, the attraction of this project lies in the conflict between intellectual reading and ever-increasing sexual arousal.

Are these toys also suitable for couples?

Vibis and Dildos are by no means only for lonely single women, they can also be used very profitably with married women and women in a relationship both during foreplay and during sexual intercourse, especially the beautiful sex, which does not come so easily, reaches a climax with these toys significantly faster, which can be very helpful for the common sex life.

In addition, the small “lucky charms” can of course also be used to bridge longer separation phases more comfortably.

In addition, there are now also many sex toys that have been specially developed for couples. vibrating penis ring improve its stability and stimulate it clitorally at the same time. Or you can use the We vibe, who can really get you both going with his sexual intercourse vibrations.

No distraction and no shame in masturbation: Get to know your body

For many ladies, the solo women masturbation act is still associated with shame or that it simply has to go quickly, so you take the massager out of the cupboard and put it in the right place – after a short time you get to the climax and that’s what it was, then many have a guilty conscience, a thinking that still comes from the church, and even today the public is very reluctant to talk about this topic, although many companies in Germany are committed to the production of toys, it is not always beneficial to use bed toys.

After all, the whole female body is orgasmic, you just have to explore it in peace, it’s not always just about letting the pressure down as quickly as possible.


Vibrators are with good reason the most popular sex toys ever they are available in many different designs and can be used both in masturbation alone and in love play with a partner very versatile.

Whether with the outstanding Womanizer or with an inexpensive beginner model like the Diver – the small desire donors can help you to experience completely new levels of sexual excitement and orgasms of previously unknown intensity.

Latest news on the topic

World: Livo provokes indignation of AfD and space technology, 12.01.2018

Julia Ryssel, the start-up founder of the vibrator that runs with space technology, causes outrage at AfD, but first, she invented something new, a soundless vibi.

Julia Ryssel uses the same technology as the space probe Rosetta, which makes the noiseless toy pulsate independently and gives ladies a completely new feeling, but soon the first products will be on the market, but so far there is still a lack of information.

Focus: Love toys from the future – control Vibi via app

The Focus released a little film showing how they can now even be controlled by an app, a Lovense Vibi, which allows you to set the strength and duration of the vibration, how often it should vibrate, even the possibility to vibrate to a song, and the complete video can be found here.

The West: Daughter, Vibrator and Twitter – what a father did wrong, 30.11.2017

A father from the USA confronts his daughter and embarrasses himself on the internet, apparently he is confused about what a Vibi is and what isn’t, parents shouldn’t always think the worst about the teenagers, but basically it’s not a vibrator stick, but a power bank – a charger for the mobile phone. 150,000 times the story has been published on Twitter, Moral of the story: Not everything that looks disgusting afterwards is immediately disgusting.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this article.

Can he replace a man?

Many men who have had little experience with vibis so far tend to instinctively perceive the vibrating lust donor as a competitor, but even if the equipment can actually cause incredibly intense orgasms, no love toy in the world can replace a real penis.

The warm skin and the pulsation of the penis as well as the passion and excitement of the man cannot be compared to a toy.

Instead of seeing the little lust donor as a competitor, guys should use it as additional help to give their partner new lust feelings before and during the act of love.

Isn’t it a little embarrassing to have something like that?

Of course, it is a bit unusual to stimulate yourself with a vibrating device, but you shouldn’t be embarrassed, because it’s all about your own excitement and personal sexual pleasure and it’s nobody else’s business.

According to various surveys, about 20% of all German women over the age of 18 now have such a small “lucky charm” at home.

Which is the strongest?

The Sybian Often referred to as the strongest vibrator ever, this model is a kind of saddle on which various vibration attachments can be mounted The device can trigger extremely violent vaginal and clitoral orgasms is only for very experienced and adventurous women due to its very high price and its high volume.

How to clean it properly?

Usually, it is enough to wash the vibrator under warm water with a little soap and a toy disinfectant spray from time to time so that you can enjoy your new toy for many years.

Which lubricant is suitable for use with Vibis?

Most high-quality lust dispensers today are coated with medical silicone, so they should only be used with water-based lube gels or creams based on oil or silicone which could damage the silicone surface.

User reviews

I ordered the vibrator because I already had one, but from a cheaper brand. In the effect the expensive and the cheap product do not differ, but the Womanizer is much better processed and lasts much longer. The other device was already broken after a few months. In addition, the Womanizer has an almost endless battery.


I have ordered the Satisfyer Pro 2 because of the mostly good reviews and what should I say. I am thrilled! This part is the absolute madness. Even some girlfriends have ordered it because of my recommendation and everyone is totally thrilled!


Europe Magic Wand brings not only great relaxation, but also a lot of joy. It is easy to clean by removing the massage head and rinsing it under warm running water. It lies wonderfully in the hand and the vibration settings allow the massage to be varied accordingly. A very good investment, which probably brought enormous joy to all involved – and still brings.

Ejla Kelm