Best Nipple Clamps Chain: Vibrating Stimulator Clips

Especially with women, the nipple is a pronounced erogenous zone. Scientists found that stimulating the nipples would be enough to get a woman to orgasm; nipple clamps and nipple suckers, nipple clamps and nipple weights are a popular means of generating additional pleasure during sex.

What is a nipple clamp?

A nipple clamp is a clamp, which can be adjusted with spring balancer, screws or two magnetic poles. teats The slight pain, the stimulation of the sensitive nerves in the male and female nipple area at all, can cause an astonishing intensity of pleasure.

Nipple clamps are a popular means of generating additional pleasure during sexClamps can be adjusted with spring balancer, screws or two magnetic poles Stimulation of the sensitive nerves cause an astonishing intensity of pleasure

How does a nipple clamp work?

The clamping function of a clamp on the nipples provides for the stimulation.

Some women are able to experience a great orgasm simply by intensively stimulating the nipple area, for example with nipple clamps, nipple suckers or nipple vibrators.

  • Light pressure
  • Gentle pinch
  • Light painful pressure
  • Stabbing pain
  • Severe stabbing pain

How to put on and wear a nipple clamp correctly?

We have it with the nipple quite with alive, from many nerves As a rule of thumb, as long as it hurts the one who wears the clamps, preferably the sub, everything is fine; if it no longer hurts, the blood and nerve path can be squeezed off, as you know from the fallen asleep foot.

Which models are available?

All nipple devices are designed to stimulate the nipples using any type of clamping function, such as a screw, spring or magnet, and electrical stimulators. tastefully designed, often made of silver-plated or chrome-plated metal, but they are also available in plastic and in combination with leather.

1. Made of metal

Most of the clamps are made of metal, the chains are chrome-plated, sometimes silver-plated.

2. Made of plastic

Usually such excellent quality products are made of plastic and skin reactions must be taken into account.

3. Made of latex, silicone material

Many of the clamps are covered with plastic, clamps completely made of silicone or latex are also available.

4. Made of leather in combination with metal

Very great creations can also be found in leather worked together with metal.

5. The unconnected single nipple clamps

For each nipple individually, without being connected to a chain or, in more robust designs, to a rod, the nipple clamps can be found here; often nipple clamps, which are coupled to vibrators, can be removed many times, as individual clamps. individual attitude the compression force towards the nipples.

The nipple clamps connected, with chain

A very ingenious function is the connection of the two nipple clamps with a chain or cord, where weights can be used once, secondly it is left to the partner, the cathedral, to increase the intensity of the pain at will by simply pulling.

Connecting chain between the nipples is regularly very worked, also serves as jewelry.

Nipple clamp with labial clasp

The nipple clamp in union with a labia clip, a clitoral clip has something extravagant of course, the chain, i.e. a connection of the erogenous zones, includes a clamp on the inner labia, thus exposing the clitoris, making it more susceptible to caresses and essential for a better life.

More sensitive Such a chain combination is not only good for you, it also offers a great look.

For whom is this sex toy suitable?

This question is regularly not decided by the design or special function of a nipple clamp, but rather by the user, man or woman alike, who decides whether and to what extent he wants to potentiate his desire sensation through pain.

Who is now the opinion, due to the pain volume, which develops with the use, the Toy is only for sadomasochistic Because even very conventional, sex-loving couples, whether straight or not, make diligent use of the little helpers: On the one hand, the toy can also simply be regarded as jewellery, on the other hand, the pain-lust experience is something very special.

What are the experiences of women (and men) in the test?

For beginners to the pleasure of pain, astonishingly designed gates open up here. sex toys the nipple clamp, as a valuable accessory, must certainly not be missing, because, as the opinion of the test persons, pain and desire are connected in many ways.

Many men and women fear that their partner may not be able to assess the pain threshold and may even injure them, so if the partner articulates this word, it may also be a movement, the top will have to stop playing immediately, but this will not be absolutely necessary with the nipple clasp.

  • surprise
  • amazement
  • inquisitiveness

Which is the best?

The nipple clamp set with chain made of stainless steel, silver from Sinner Gear is a real eye-catcher – the design alone is noble, the way it is made, everything is actually handmade to the finest standards.

There the couch becomes a silver chamber, the horny sextoy becomes a noble piece of jewellery.

Where to buy nipple clamps?

Nipple clamps can certainly be found in well-stocked erotic shops in the inner cities, but the easiest and safest way, the one with the most choice is the Internet. erotic platform like you will find not only excellent quality in 2018, but also discreet shipping and delivery, without registration.


If you want to explore new areas of lust, you can go many ways: The one to increase the lust via pain is a very old, well-worn path, the ancient Chinese already occupied themselves extensively with information on this topic. nipple clamps are something normal these days, a great sextoy to stimulate erogenous zones, in all colors and forms, as magnetic closure or also adjustable to get.

The clamps are not only for the pain fans among the sex lovers, but can be used by every couple or even alone The degree of pain is infinitely variable in most constructions, except those with magnet function, which means that such a brace does not necessarily have to be equated with pain.


What are nipple cups?

A nipple teat is a kind of bell, usually made of soft, warm latex, which is placed over the breasts or nipples, depending on the design, creating a feeling of vacuum, as if someone were sucking very intensely on the breast, and can also be used in conjunction with a clip to prevent blood congestion, allowing the clamp to be worn for longer.

What about the weights of the nipple clamp?

Pain, in this case lust, can be caused by pressure, i.e. with the buckle or clamp, but also by tension. The chains, with which many clamps are connected to each other, are not only used for jewellery and for a strong appearance, but are also possible hangers for various weights at the same time.

Do I have to be sadistic or masochistic if I want to use a nipple clamp?

Pain and pleasure are brothers, or sisters, depending on the type of spanking, as in the categories of spanking, the pain impulse and a sensual experience come together here, but if, when beating with the flogger or the paddle, less sensitive nerve tracts are stimulated, the sensation on the nipples is more fundamental, perhaps also help, a gentle start, because the hardness of torture can go from gentle pinching to actual pain.

Can nipple clamps also be worn simply as jewellery?

There are nipple covers in all sorts of shapes, and of course a softly applied nipple clamp is also a very advantageous piece of jewelry that doesn’t hurt at all, many of the clasps are also deliberately designed as jewelry, while others are designed to be somewhat masochistic and functional, allowing for fun and perhaps a little tighter next time?

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I already have such a rotary vacuum cleaner, but it is not suitable for small nipples, because it always sucks too much at the forecourt. And if you only want to tune the small wart, you’ve come to the right place. Actually you should order 2 sets Fetish Fantasy Nipple Erector Set, so that you can use 2 with the same diameter at the same time.

Jens Maas

Fifty Shades Of Grey Nipple Clamps is a beautiful, probably useless for hardcore fans, also not for women with big nipples, sharp for me, dosage of pressure needs some sensitivity, but it should bite a bit, very decorative.


Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Torture is made of very pleasant to the touch material. You can use it to stimulate different zones in both men and women. Brings a lot of joy into bed!