Vibrator Womanizer Starlet: Review Best Clitoral Stimulator

This sex toy arrived in 2021 at for the use of numerous women, Some women have written down their experiences with the product accordingly, in order to help other interested women to have an intensive orgasm. purchasing decision Here it can be assumed that the ratings from the test for the Womanizer Starlet are quite good..

In the test, the small dimensions of the device were named above all. fast for orgasms But also the quality of workmanship and the fair purchase price of less than 70 Eur were well received in the test..

womanizer starlet snow fuchsia und purple

What is the Womanizer Starlet?

This is a special sex toy for women that will be available in 2021. high popularity In this case it should be noted that it is not a conventional vibrator, but a so-called on-lay vibrator, which must be placed on the woman’s vagina to stimulate the clitoris, which should lead to an orgasm more quickly..

What does the clitoral stimulator look like??

The Womanizer Starlet offers an oval shape, with a so-called “Pleasure cone”, The product is available in three different colours that women can choose from: fuchsia, purple or snow, as well as the rather small size of the product, from below 10 by 5 centimeters In addition, a low weight of less than 100 grams be expected.

If you want to get an even better picture of the toy, you can watch a video on the Internet. explanatory video the prospective customers receive likewise still different data like:

  • Type of application
  • Tips for the article
  • Cleaning of the product
  • Help for the orgasm

Accessories for the use of the Womanizer

It makes particular sense to purchase accessories in addition to the Sex-Toy from Womanizer. lube or lubricant. In this case, it is important to choose a high-quality lubricant based on water or silicone, and it is also important to apply the lubricant to the lust cone again and again if necessary, especially at higher intensity levels, where the cone may dry quickly..

Another useful accessory product is a carrying bag or a storage pouch. Another important purpose, which is fulfilled by the bag, is the fact that the Sex-Toy can be transported hygienically clean, so that the customers do not have to clean the toy after transport and before use, but can start directly.

Furthermore, the transport bag is also suitable, as here not only the device itself, but also important accessories, such as the USB charging cable Finally, as an accessory product, a power bank The Powerbank is available with different charging levels, so that the stored power is sometimes sufficient for one to three complete charges of the Womanizer..

How often can the pressure wave vibrator Womanizer Starlet be used??

Women who have only used a normal vibrator so far often report that after some time of use their vagina and especially the clitoris become very sensitive. queasily This can cause the use of the Womanizer Starlet to be aborted without reaching its peak, but the Womanizer Starlet is not. contactless and stimulated only by pressure waves.

For this reason it can be expected that even an application of several minutes or even hours will not directly lead to the clitoris or vagina developing strongly irritated This circumstance has the advantage that the ladies sometimes not only experience an orgasm when using this Sex-Toy, but get multiple orgasms. inimitable and eminently is to use the Womanizer Starlet.

It should only be noted that the duration of application is determined by the battery runtime However, it is quite possible to connect the Toy directly via USB to a power socket to charge it when in use, but in this case it can happen that the charging cable interferes accordingly and therefore has to be removed sooner or later..

What distinguishes the device from conventional vibrators??

With a normal vibrator a vibration is used to stimulate the clitoris, whereas with the Womanizer Starlet the so-called”Pleasure Air Technology” In this case, the clitoris is gently sucked in by pressure waves, completely without direct contact. “Treatment.” the clitoris, which promises a faster climax.

What is the difference between Womanizer Pro and Womanizer Starlet?

First of all, the format of the products should be specified. Womanizer Pro W500 offers a much larger format than the smaller Starlet. 12.5 to 6.2 centimeters Furthermore, it should be mentioned that the Womanizer Starlet has three levels for the intensity of use, whereas the Womanizer Pro W500 has three levels for the intensity of use. 8 intensity levels.

Where to buy the intimate stimulation device?

womanizer starlet test

The stimulator is offered for sale on various websites, especially the Amazon shop, because a good price in EUR can be expected and shipping can be completed quickly (1 to 3 working daysFurthermore, it should not be neglected that the toy in the Advent Calendar by Amorelie This calendar was not only sold in 2020, but will also be available on the market in 2021..

In both cases the products are available via Amazon or in the Amorelie Advent Calendar, the stimulators can also be used very well as a gift for your partner or girlfriend, while at Amazon the product can be wrapped directly as a gift at no extra charge. neutral package so that the privacy of each customer is protected.

Is the Womanizer Starlet waterproof??

The product offers a plenary This not only means that the toy can be easily cleaned under running water, but it is also possible to get sexual satisfaction in the shower or bath tub with the Womanizer Starlet. lube can be used to intensify stimulation.

The waterproof cover of the toy has the additional advantage that a quick cleaning is possible. running water However, it is even better if a cleansers This way it is guaranteed that there are no more bacteria on the Sex-Toy, which could lead to irritations in the area of the vagina. antiseptics which should also be designed to be used on such toys, this way all bacteria are safely killed..

womanizer starlet erfahrung

An inexpensive alternative to Womanizer products

If the purchase price of the Womanizer Starlet is currently still too high, you have two options: Either you wait until the price drops, which may not happen in 2018, or you choose a cheaper alternative. First of all, you can name your own Toys from Womanizer, which are sometimes cheaper to buy, for example:

  • Womanizer Pro40
  • Womanizer 2Go
  • Womanizer +Size
  • Womanizer Insideout

With a little luck, these sex toys can be purchased at a better price than the Womanizer Starlet. runners in order not to miss any new developments in the prices of the products..

On the other hand, customers can also register for the Toys from Satisfyer This is also a manufacturer of pressure wave vibrators, which are usually cheaper, but it is particularly important to know that the technology of Womanizer’s and Satisfyer’s products is very similar, so customers can expect the same high quality orgasms and stimulation. here on our test website.

Tips for using the Womanizer

Whether the Starlet, Pro40 or 2Go is used by Womanizer, there are some aspects of its use that should be considered to ensure a particularly intense experience. hour to examine the toy in detail and to find the best use for itself. sole usableness Only after the woman has tested and experienced the pressure wave vibrator herself should it be used together with her partner..

First of all, it is important to find the right position of the vibrator, in which case the woman should play around and test until she has found the position that suits her best. several minutes so that the users do not get anything rush Furthermore, the selection of the right intensity levels is very important. strong stimulation, whereas other ladies first have to wait. tardily to begin, and then to heighten. Again, users should take their time to find out what they like best..

Another tip for the application is the right spiritual view If you have never used such a sex toy before, you can first use a few more. stoppages It is important not to be ashamed of seeking sexual satisfaction, but to enjoy the process, only in this way blockages in the head are released and the women can devote themselves completely to the experience..

How do women experience the Womanizer Starlet??

Before someone should decide to buy a pressure wave vibrator, it is always a good idea to buy one. frame the whole experiences Nowadays not only texts are available, but also a large selection of information sources, which include:

  • Comments in forums
  • Reviews in Stores
  • Video on YouTube
  • Information on specialist pages

Anyone interested can read through all the information provided here and get an idea of what Womanizer products look like from other women. experienced and experienced got.

All in all it can be assumed that the experiences of the women with this Sex-Toy are very good. high-quality function from the toys, which refer to the good technology Quick orgasms and intense climaxes are mentioned again and again, and it should not be neglected that the women state again and again that the toy is a very ease of use The correct position for the best stimulation can be found quickly, but charging via USB or the named cleaning is also easy to accomplish..

In conclusion, the experience of the customers repeatedly identifies which good workmanship Even women who bought it before 2018 still use the device regularly and do not make use of it. traces of wear Thus it can be assumed that a use of several years should be easily possible without problems and defects..

The conclusion – For which women is the Womanizer Starlet suitable??

The high mobility of the product makes this stimulator the perfect companion for every woman who no longer wants to do without intensive orgasms. sexual development and want to try something new accordingly.

FAQ – Questions and answers about Womanizer Starlet

How fast can the lay-on vibrator be charged?

The Womanizer Starlet comes with a USB charging cable, which allows the product to be plugged into any power outlet or connected to a computer. 30 to 40 minutesAfterwards it is possible to load the product via 60 minutes Depending on how often and for how long the sex toy is used, it must be loaded regularly..

How loud is the Womanizer Starlet during use?

If the device is held freely in the hand, a slight humming can be expected, but as soon as the lay-on vibrator is placed in its original position, the volume decreases considerably. 42 dB This volume can be compared with a whispered conversation, so that the device is hardly noticeable when used correctly..

Is the lay-on vibrator also suitable for couples?

First of all, it should be mentioned that this product is of high quality for the prelude In this case, the man can decide how to put the device on and which level to choose, and it is also possible to place the vibrator on the woman’s clitoris during penetration. issue. Finally, the product can also be used after sex to bring the woman to the climax.

User reviews

After initial hesitation as to whether the product met his expectations, I am completely satisfied. Good size, easy operation, easy handling. Can only recommend it to everyone to try the Womanizer Starlet to have some nice highlights.


Womanizer Starlet is enthusiastic. The part is relatively loud as long as it does not rest properly, but then it is a rather pleasant tone. Easy to clean, solid workmanship. It is definitely better suited for solo use than for partner playing.


I never thought that my girlfriend could go out like this without my help! There I am almost afraid to be superfluous soon. Can one really only recommend. We are really very excited Womanizer Starlet.