Durex Invisible Ultra Thin: Most Sensitive Condoms

Durex Invisible condoms are the thinnest of all Durex condoms, and some users have reported in various tests that although the condoms were not “invisible,” they were invisible. intensity of feeling. They described the condom as so thin that they almost felt too much, while others did not notice any difference between the Durex Invisible and other condoms.

They're so thin you feel more in love playThey are odourless and transparent They can be easily unrolled

What are Durex Invisible Condoms?

Durex Invisible condoms have a low strength, Durex calls this property “sensi-fit”.

The condoms are made of natural rubber latex, are moisturised and transparent, and a special manufacturing process ensures that they have a pleasant odour.

What are the exact dates for this product?

The Durex Invisible condom has a straight cut, a shaft width of 52mm and a reservoir, a length of 190mm and a wall thickness of 0.05mm. 98% transfer of body heat. The condom has a circumference of 104mm and the material is latex.

What experiences do testers have?

Users report that despite the small width of 52mm there were no stall problems and during sexual intercourse actually nothing to hardly anything was felt. not feeling One respondent was concerned that the slippage could not be noticed because it was so thin.

What distinguishes them from other condoms??

Than the thinnest can

  • Durex Invisible a feeling of non-presence deal
  • they provide a special intensity in love play
  • they have direct contact with the penis due to the nominal width of 52mm, unlike condoms with the usual width of 56mm

Where to buy Durex Invisible condoms online?

They can be purchased directly from Durex in the online shop; on request, they can be shipped in a neutral packaging. You can also find them in almost all online pharmacies, for example at medpex or DocMorris and in the online shops of drugstores such as dm or Rossmann.

Do I have to register in the online shop first?

In almost all online shops you have to register as a new customer and enter your data for shipping, which has the advantage that everything is already available with your next order.

Where can the condoms be bought besides the internet?

Invisible items are available in all drugstores, supermarkets and sex shops, but the price is not very different from buying online, but there are no additional shipping costs when buying on site.

How are the condoms packed?

The package contains 12 pieces, in pairs with perforation, in an oval blue package which looks very classy compared to other brands and additionally protects the contents from external influences. package insert, which refers to application and storage and contains tips and tricks.

How much do the condoms cost?

The price for the Antidotes in the Durex online shop is 14.99 € (as of June 2018) and is relatively similar for other providers. shipping and handling are different, they range between € 2.50 and € 3.00. They are usually displayed in the price of the product, but at the latest in the shopping basket.

Who are Durex Invisible condoms for?

Men who have problems having an orgasm due to thicker rubbers could benefit from the thin ones, but there is no guarantee because feelings vary from man to man. The risk of it tearing is high and they are not suitable for latex allergy sufferers.

Can men who are circumcised use this product?

It is often the case that men, because of a curtailing,Durex Invisible condoms are so thin that, compared to others, they allow contact without any contraceptives, making them very suitable for men with disabilities and giving them the pleasure of sex back.

Can the product be used with a lubricant?

Use together with a lube This can be easily applied to the rubber after application, it is important that it is a real gel, there are products that contain fatty and oily substances that can attack the latex material, making the condom permeable and brittle.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Durex Invisible condoms?


  • Durex Invisible Condoms are used correctly very safely
  • they are odourless and transparent
  • they can be easily unrolled
  • They’re so thin you feel more in love play
  • Thanks to the plastic packaging, the condoms are protected
  • They are already moistened


  • Not suitable for latex allergy sufferers
  • The 52mm can prove to be a disadvantage, some men find it too tight
  • Compared to other manufacturers these are high in price with an average of 14 €.


Here you can use orgasm problems With their small width of 52 mm, they fit particularly tightly and ensure direct contact; they can be used together with a lubricant without any problems; they are also available online almost everywhere; they can also be delivered in neutral shipping packaging.


Can Durex Invisible condoms tear more easily because they are very thin?

Manufactured to the same safety standards as all the others, which means that the probability of tearing has nothing to do with the strength of the rubber.

How safe is it to use in the shower or under water??

Sex in the shower, bathtub and other waters can be fun, but safety cannot be guaranteed; firstly, there is an easier risk of the condom slipping and secondly, chemicals (ozone, chlorine) are used in swimming pools that could attack the latex, including oils and other additives used in the bathtub; seawater has no effect on the condom.

Why choose the Durex brand??

Durex, a world leader in condoms, has been making condoms for 80 years and guarantees the use of the highest quality raw materials and the electronic inspection of every single condom for flaws; the anatomical Easy-On fit ensures a comfortable fit and easy application and unrolling; the odourless design ensures that nothing distracts from love play.

Durex condoms meet quality standards?

Condoms must hold at least 18 litres of air before they burst, the requirements are met by increasing the manufacturer’s own standards, so that even 22 litres of air can fit into them, tightness is tested with water tests and dermatological tests are also carried out.

If it makes sense to use a lubricant?

Lubricants not only help when the body produces too little fluid, they can also tempt experimentation, they contain different flavours and have different effects for more fun and pleasure, they are also suitable when vibrators or similar sex toys are used, the ingredients should be observed, because oil-based gels can make sure that there is no more safety.

How to store and use condoms correctly?

It is important to keep your trouser pocket, wallet and other warm places away from direct sunlight, do not tear the pack with your teeth, take care of jewellery and do not unroll it with fingernails or the wrong way around, change your sex practice (oral, vaginal, anal) with a condom change.

What to consider during and after sex?

After love play, it should be removed before the penis becomes flaccid and the used condom, wrapped in a toilet paper or handkerchief, should not be disposed of in the garbage can.

How long can a condom last in its packaging?

There is an expiry date on the foil of the condom, which indicates that the product can perform by this date, which has been scientifically proven to last about five years, some products only four years, and should not be used and disposed of after the expiry date.

What do condoms protect against?

No contraceptive can guarantee 100% protection, but a condom can protect against unwanted pregnancy, and the condom only protects against sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV if used only once and correctly and with the right lubricant, which should be suitable for use with condoms so that the material is not attacked.

User reviews

I have already tested many condoms from Durex and other well-known brands and must say that the Invisible feels much better. I wouldn’t say it feels like no condom, but it’s much closer than any other condom. I can only recommend trying them out.


Best condom we ever had. Thin and feel-fast. From time to time there is one thing that makes it difficult to unroll. If you notice that the condom has a width of 52 mm and fits on the penis, it should not tear.


So by far the best condoms in terms of emotional authenticity! No comparison to other Durex condoms! It is also still none cracked. Are both really satisfied with this product!