Satisfyer Men: Review Male Toy For Pleasure Penis

What is the Satisfyer Men?

The Satisfyer Men is a Sex toys for men, As usual with a masturbator, the product is put over the erect penis and then moved up and down until the man reaches the climax, with the advantage that the Satisfyer Men does not need any batteries or a rechargeable battery, but all functions can be used manually. deluxe masturbator can basically be used at any time and almost anywhere, even in the shower or in the bathtub.

So that the gentlemen do not only experience a climax when using it, but “one of the best orgasms of her life“the sex toy has some special functions and a high-quality construction..

What makes this toy unique for men?

It is not for nothing that the Satisfyer Men is called a masturbator revolution This is mainly due to the fact that the sex toy for men has some high-quality functions to offer, especially the pump function, with which it is possible to change the size of the inner shell by air pressure. Internal pressure regulator ensures that the man’s penis is not permanently overexerted by the pressure.

The built-in air cushion, which is often referred to as “sex pillows“Furthermore, the Satisfyer Men has a sporty design that distinguishes it from most other masturbators on the market, as well as the fact that the Toy has interchangeable inner channels..

The structure differs according to the channel, which is always a different feeling These products can be easily purchased from the manufacturer and quickly exchanged, making it possible to provide the desired variety for every application, including the following pleasure channels:

Chambers of Pleasure

Here you can count on a flexible pleasure channel with oval shaped chambers, which become thicker and thicker towards the back, which leads to a stimulating penetration. suction effect come into being.

satisfyer Men Erfahrungen

Lusty Tongues

This pleasure channel is designed to oral sex The structure of the canal makes it not only feel like a single mouth, but like many mouths, which certainly provides unique stimulation..

Tri Delights

In this case it is a pleasure channel which is strongly oriented towards the real female vagina. “Pleasure Grotto” Here, the penis is massaged with nubs, which are mainly used to massage the Intensively stimulate the glans. The feeling of the different chambers is highly exciting.

Tornado Bliss

This pleasure tunnel also consists of two areas: First of all, the entrance area can be named, which can be divided into countless areas. Massage Tips In the second part you can easily expect round knobs and strong depressions that really suck in your penis.

Kinky Waves

With this sleeve, a great variety can be expected when penetrating. nipples as well as pegs provide the stimulation, which are attached in different distances in the pleasure tunnel.

Pressure spiral

This special pleasure tunnel offers alternately winding funnels During penetration, the penis glides through these different areas, which can be very exciting and often leads to a fast orgasm.

The right lubricant for erotic applications

An important point that distinguishes a real vagina from a masturbator is, above all, that women with erotic stimulation To simulate this in the Satisfyer Men, it is worthwhile to use lubricants, which can be differentiated by different effects, in particular the following three variants:

  • Neutral
  • refrigeration
  • warming

The neutral product can be expected to feel as realistic as real sex, which is certainly a highlight, while the cooling products have special ingredients to keep the lubricant always cool, which can make the Deluxe masturbator feel cooler and the warming lubricant can also help to warm your penis during use.eres sentience engender.

In any case, it is important to know that you are looking for a lubricant on water basis This guarantees that the gel does not, for example, damage the condoms during use and makes it easier to rinse the water-based product out of the orgasm dispenser, making cleaning easier..

Is there a Satisfyer Men video?

If you are interested in this product, you can watch different videos to get a picture of the toy, first of all the video with Rocco Siffredi, which acts as an advertisement for the Satisfyer Men, but if you want to get more information, it makes sense to visit a video platform like YouTube. social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, video contributions can be found over and over again.

Such a video usually provides a comprehensive description of the masturbator, so that you can easily see what the toy has to offer and how it can be used correctly. no sexual or pornographic content Moreover, the videos can usually be loaded without having to register anywhere..

For example, the videos have been produced by individuals who want to share their experiences on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, but it can also happen that a video is published by the press. docu to the Satisfyer Men.

What does Rocco Siffredi have to do with the masturbator??

If you’ve been involved with porn, you should also know Rocco Siffredi. pornographic performers, which has 1,800 Movies and with over 5,000 women On the other hand, the manufacturer states that he was involved in the development of the Satisfyer Men, but the extent to which this is true cannot be confirmed at the moment, but it is quite likely that Siffredi could have given tips for the production of the masturbator..

In the future, Rocco Siffredi may continue to be seen in advertisements for the Delux masturbator, including further advertising videos and appearances at events.

How does the men’s toy work??

The use of the toy is very easy and should be able to be internalized by every man. protection cap If this is not yet the case, the change from the channel does not take more than few minutes Furthermore, lubricant can be used to prepare the Satisfyer Men for penetration, now only the air cushions inside must be inflated until the desired air pressure has been reached..

The next step is to penetrate the opening with the penis and move the masturbator at the desired speed, taking into account that each man knows best what rhythm suits him best and that it is also possible to point the Satisfyer Men, for example to a tabletop in order to actively penetrate it and not just to move it up and down on the limb.

After the man has experienced one or more highlights with the toy, it is necessary to clean the article correctly in order to prepare it directly for the next time. bacteria in the respective desire channel form.

How does the Satisfyer Men experience turn out during the test??

satisfyer men test

It is understandable if the men do not want to buy the toy directly, but first want to be convinced: For this purpose the press and private users who have already tested the Satisfyer Men offer particularly good reports of their experience, which gives the interested parties a direct insight into the function and use of the sex toy for men..

To be named are the experience reports from 2017 and 2018, since these are the most pertinence In any case, a very positive attitude towards the Satisfyer Men can be expected, with the following points being particularly well rated:

  • High quality workmanship
  • Attractive appearance
  • Easy to use
  • Good orgasm
  • Easy maintenance

The good workmanship ensures, among other things, that the product can remain in use for many years without losing its properties, but there have also been some negative experiences with the Satisfyer Men, including the fact that the highlight with the Toy has not turned out as desired. subjective experiences, which can be different for every man.

If you would like to read the whole experience reports for yourself, you can do so for example via Facebook or Twitter, where you will find the latest information comparatively regularly, but also via the commentary function of YouTube, on Shelf pages, to forums and weblogs, Finally, there are comments on sales websites, which should be read before the purchase..

Where to buy the toy?

The purchase can be made easily over the Internet, so there is no need to visit specialist shops, which would only cost more time and work and can be embarrassing. and Amazon Here the customers can first of all get an idea of the goods and also simply necessary information when ordering. appurtenance, such as lubricants or various pleasure channels.

In addition to simple shopping, it must be said that prices on the net are usually very low. special bargain If you have a little patience here and are waiting for such an offer, you can choose between 10 and 15 Euro But you can also count on a good purchase price at Amazon, and you should also take care when ordering that every customer can count on a discreet delivery..

With ice it is correspondingly possible to use different Logos on the package so that no one can recognize that sex toys have been ordered accordingly:

  • Internet marketing Bielefeld GmbH
  • Handyzubeh√∂
  • Costume
  • Printer

The Amazon package, on the other hand, uses a standard package, which is also discreet and neutral, so you never have to worry when ordering from the Satisfyer Men be ashamed.

What are the alternatives to buying a Satisfyer Men?

If you are not convinced of this masturbator, you can also choose some alternatives, which sometimes lead to a better price are offered or correspondingly also other functionalities This wide selection allows every man to choose the sex toy that suits him best, including the following alternatives:

  • Cobra Libre II
  • Egg Variety
  • Fleshlight STU
  • Fovel Masturbator

As an example, the Cobra Libre II is vibrating, which is a very good example of this. extra stimulation The Egg Variety, on the other hand, can only be used once and therefore only once. especially hygienic. If you want to know more about all the masturbators on the market, you can find out here on our site: “Which masturbator experiences do men make during the test? which masturbator is the best?.

What special features can be expected from the sex toy??

In addition to the already mentioned functions that the Satisfyer Men has to offer, other special features can also be mentioned, such as the fact that the device offers easy storage. holiday so that you never have to do without the relaxation of an orgasm donor.

Furthermore, one of the special features of the website is that customers have the option of making a purchase on the website. lowest price guarantee Therefore it can be assumed that only the cheapest price has to be paid and finally the manufacturer Satisfyer offers a guarantee of 10 years If the sex toy is bought according to 2018, the masturbation aid can certainly remain in use until 2028..

How important is the shape of the product for its effect??

Satisfy Men Kaufen

The shape is a particularly important factor in ensuring that the toy can also be can be used safely by any man. The reason for this is that the shape of the Satisfyer Men adapts to the size of every male penis, so that large penises are stimulated just as well as small ones.ABS plastic“This fact ensures the long durability of the toy..

Another point that should not be forgotten in terms of shape and design is the grip of the product. soft spots made of silicone. Even when used in the shower or bathtub, this ensures that the sex toy does not slip out of the hand..

Finally, it should be noted that the toy is designed in such a way that the pressure in the air cushions can be regulated with only one hand. inflation as well as the discharging The correct pressure can be set correspondingly quickly..

Conclusion – Does the Satisfyer Men keep his promises??

The feedback from all the men and also from the press, who have already used or tested this sex toy, is mostly positive. sporty look of the Satisfyer Men and his good workmanship and the easy application. Furthermore, the pump function, with which the sex toy can be adapted exactly to the man’s wishes, is discussed again and again..

However, some feedback from 2017 and 2018 is also negative or critical, often referring to the fact that the toy does not feel like real sex in the long run. pleasure tunnels Here it can only be stated that the Satisfyer Men of course no substitute for real sex but in a special way that can provide relaxation for the man..

All the opinions and feedback speak for the fact that the purchase of the Toy is worthwhile, so the product should be tested once by every man who does not always only want to use his hand..


The right care from the Satisfyer Men

Correct care is essential so that the sex toy can be used permanently. protection cap This prevents dirt or grime from entering the toy and the product should be thoroughly cleaned after each use, in which case it is best to unscrew the Satisfyer Men to clean the individual parts..

First of all, all parts of the sex toy can be rinsed off under water. cleaning action warm water and soap should be used in this process. disinfection spray This spray is offered especially for sex toys, for example, via

Finally, it is worth using Renewing Powder. The protective layer ensures that the material of the sleeve still feels like new even after many applications..

Is the use of the Sex-Toy only suitable for single men??

Mainly designed for men who are looking for a high quality masturbation aid so they don’t always have to use their hand, but this doesn’t mean that the toy can’t be used by couples. homosexual as well as heterosexual twosomes. In such a case it is a matter of the partner, Satisfyer Men, using it with her husband to help him reach the climax, but the man can also use the sex toy himself and the partner is watching..

It is particularly useful to use the sex toy directly before sex to put the man in the right mood, but the sex toy can also be used after sexual intercourse in order to Finish off a good night’s sexual intercourse to let.

How quickly can you reach an orgasm with the Satisfyer Men??

The use of the sex toy is basically the same for every man, but the orgasm is different for each user. 3 minutes This is not a negative sign, however, but simply to blame for the fact that some men quicker aroused than others.

Especially at the beginning, it can take a little longer to reach orgasm, because the use of Satisfyer Men is not yet available in “flesh and blood” With more experience and know-how in use, it should then be possible to reach the climax more quickly..

Is the Satisfyer Men only the first of his generation?

It can be assumed that Satisfyer will not stop making new sex toys in the future. delineate and produce. Accordingly, it is also possible that the Satisfyer Men, in the future still in a other generation The extent to which the product will then improve compared to the current model cannot be predicted at present, which is why it is important not to miss any new developments. newsletter so as not to miss any new developments.

User reviews

For the price the quality is super, very easily and really negative pressure is generated if you close your eyes you could almost think this is a real girl. I can highly recommend of course I am also very satisfied with Satisfyer Men, this is feel true.

Alex Zartander

Very satisfied with the satisfyer men. The sleeve really feels real. So far I don’t have the feeling that it could tear. The packaging was also completely in order.

Ralf Singer

Satisfyer Men pump function is really top! After use (which I won’t describe here because you all know what purpose a masturbator should serve) the cleaning is really very easy and above all almost intuitive. If one would talk about such products at the regulars’ table, I would definitely recommend it since the “price-performance ratio”.