Low calorie food: leaf salad

Salad fills the stomach, not the calorie balance

Lettuce leaves provide a crunchy backdrop against which other healthy ingredients like tomatoes or tuna can shine, filling your stomach with ridiculously few calories: 12 kcal.

Low calorie food: berries

Sweet and tasty and good for your memory

Despite their sweetness, they hardly burden your blood sugar level and make every slim fruit salad a delicious snack due to their taste and colorfulness. The more labor-intensive fruits are, the more natural colorants they contain – and these protect your brain, promote memory.

Low-calorie food: Water

Water plays an important role in our diet

A unique food! It doesn’t have any calories, but it needs energy to be utilized – not much, but still: Even small livestock makes manure.

Healthy spiciness: Chilis


The pungent “capsaicin” not only gives food its spiciness, it is also a true jack-of-all-trades for health: it has u.a. anti-inflammatory, reduces the feeling of hunger, lowers blood lipid levels and blood pressure, and is even said to have an inhibitory effect on cancer cells.


Anti-inflammatory: Ginger


Ginger tastes and acts equally well as pickled slices to eat and in tea. Its essential oils have an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect, promote blood circulation and are also said to help against nausea.


Low calorie food: lemon


A tangy lemon refreshes

Water is the be-all and end-all for losing weight – preferably two to five liters a day. This quickly becomes boring. A squeeze of (organic) lemon in the glass provides variety.

Low calorie foods: cream cheese

High protein and low calorie spread

Even the heavy cream version has less than half the calories of butter, but tastes just as good. Save even more with reduced-fat versions.

Low-calorie food: bell peppers

Crunchy and tasty

Prototype of the fast-food vegetable: It is quickly cut into bites and suitable for snacking. Add a tasty dip – and every chip bag will stay tight. And you’ll have a good dose of vitamin C as well!

Low-calorie food: olive oil

As long as you don’t use it in bulk, olive oil is also suitable for a low-calorie diet

Do not be afraid of good oils! They refine vegetables and make their healthy ingredients available to us. Many dishes only develop their full flavor with a few drops of oil.  If there were no olive oil, we could simply graze instead of eating salad.

Healthy food: fish

Go for fish more often, because it is good for your heart and brain

It is the richest source of omega-3 fatty acids, which not only protect the heart but are also good for brain function.

Healthy food: broccoli

The greens may protect against cancer

Broccoli, like Brussels sprouts, contains a substance called indole-3-carbinol that has been shown in the lab to be an excellent cancer killer. Whether it works the same way in the body could be a question of genes, according to recent studies. In addition, broccoli contains lots of fiber, which lowers cholesterol in the body, and vitamin C, which is thought to counteract cataracts.

Healthy food: Dark chocoloade

Especially dark chocolate is good for the heart. Nevertheless, please do not enjoy in quantities

Dark chocolate contains more flavonoids than light chocolate. These strengthen the blood vessels, protect against inflammation and lower blood cholesterol levels. Thus they prevent heart disease. According to recent studies, 25 grams are sufficient for this purpose.

Healthy food: cheese

You can also eat cheese more often, because it is good for your bones

One of the richest sources of calcium, which lowers blood pressure and maintains bone density – this is also important for men!

Healthy food: linseed oil

The fatty acids of linseed oil reduce the risk of heart attack

Most abundant vegetable source of omega-3s; but because it tastes intense and goes rancid easily, many prefer the second-best oil from canola.

Healthy food: nuts

Nuts are ideal as a snack – they are healthy and filling

A handful a day significantly reduces the risk of heart attack, according to studies, and satiates so well that you don’t have to fear the calories.

Healthy food: naturally cloudy apple juice

Leave the clear apple juice and reach for naturally cloudy one. Because it protects the intestine

Concentrated apple nutrients protect the gut from inflammation and cancer, a German research network found.

Good for the prostate: Pomegranate

Pomegranates contain more healthy polyphenols than red wine. Studies have shown them to have health benefits, especially for the prostate and heart muscle.

Healthy food: Tomatoes

To protect their prostate, men should eat heated tomatoes or tomato paste often

Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is an antioxidant that can make aggressive molecules in the body harmless and thus protect against prostate cancer and heart disease (pills don’t work). 40 grams per day will also protect you from sunburn.

The amount of lycopene you take in with cooked tomatoes is greater than that with raw ones, because it is only when tomatoes are heated that the lycopene is released from the cell structure. 

Healthy diet: green tea

A cup of green tea a day is good for the stomach and the slim line

Rich in polyphenols that can stop cancer, especially of the stomach; green tea also slows down body fat gain

Keeps the brain fit: eggs

Boiled, fried, scrambled – eggs can be prepared in many ways and are healthy

They contain a lot of choline, from which the body produces the nerve messenger acetylcholine – which is needed for a good memory.

Natural antibiotic: garlic

Garlic is considered a natural antibiotic capable of fighting bacteria and viruses in the body.

Keeps the brain fit: Curry

It adds spice to food and also supports health

In test tubes and animal studies, curcumin from curry improves the ability of immune cells to break down Alzheimer’s plaques.

Healthy food: fennel

Many do not like it, but fennel also has its good sides

Counteracts muscle cramps due to high magnesium content; essential oils also help against flatulence and coughing.